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Fate 2 sets the next nine-month plan for free updates and paid DLCs

Bungie last night attacked Destiny 2 for the fifth season, announcing next week's first DLC bits of a paused expansion extension. Over the next nine months, the MMO-Lite FPS looks rather different from its last, and none of the upcoming DLCs add a new story campaign because Bungie is trying to scatter new objects and modes and events throughout the year. They explained this new direction in the new video blogger's diary, while lining up the calendar until August 2019.

"We are no longer trying DLC. We are not trying to launch a brand new campaign," product director Justin Truman said in an environment. "Instead, what we want to do is provide three full-season content that lasts for the entire year, and is connected to the final game and matches the Destiny games."

No, as I played fate, but welcome.

For all the next nine months, all Legislators will see new bonus premiums, new awards and new exotic tasks, as well as short-term events, including the Christmas Eve "The Dawning" and February's beloved "Crimson Days" return. For legislators who own Forsaken, each of the three seasons will also see an increase in capacity of 50 (and possibly a soft cover, otherwise it would be very subtle) as well as private games and new Gambit modes.

The big change, surprisingly, is for people who receive the Forsaken annual password, which costs another 30 euros. These include two new raids, new exotic challenges, Xur wealth and a mysterious new 6-player activity with bridegroom, all starting December 4 with Black Armory opening.

The Black Armory is a new way of gaining new weapons associated with the wave survival mode (with its adventures, unlike Warmind's open world escalations), where players will have to keep the baddies out because their shiny new weapons are fake. It has a bit of a story about it, because Armourine runs an ancient bot from behind for bad things, but mostly it's new weapons and a new regime. You can learn more about it and other plans in the environment:

The traces of black ornament appear in certain places protected by mighty monsters. Oh, and a new season means that the new "Pinnacle" weapons may have been fulfilling the challenges of Crucible. This time, with the activities of Vanguard and Gambit, new overhangs are added. I apologize to all the players who have revered me stupidly by fusion with a gun, so I need to remove 500 strikes.

To find out more about yesterday's update, see the Bungie Free Update Schedule and Updates 2.1.0 for patch explanations.

In the recent announcement, I took Destiny 2 free and, despite the first console game, I'm glad to be surprised. Nobody told me that he had all these huge sci-fi chickens and bright colors. Nobody told me that there were so many big revolvers there, or that I would never be so excited about the big revolvers, because there are plenty of pleasure. The story is dumped in trash, but I like roaming and enough shooting to buy expansion, locked up (for sale). I played for a few days a little bit, breaking some PvP races on Crucible or listening to the radio while simultaneously striking the Strike teams.

I do not have pals who play big raids, so I imagine that the novelty will wear out, but of course, it's quite fun something that cost me 25 euros. I'm sure to wait to see more of the Forsaken annual pass before getting off to it, but I'm sure I will turn more on this face shooting fun.

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