Sunday , January 29 2023

Facebook will allow you to send this theme something you just sent to Messenger – BGR


One of Gmail's best features is the ability to send emails. Feel free to? No problem, you have a few seconds to undo it, and make sure all errors are fixed before you finally remove it. This feature in mobile chat applications can definitely be used, given that text messaging today is even more important than our email. Facebook is about to present similar unencrypted functionality to its messenger application, now it's the WhatsApp mobile chat app.

As with WhatsApp, there will also be deadlines, which means that you will not be able to remove any of the things you said during the past chat. With WhatsApp you have one hour to delete erroneous answers that might be useful. However, Messenger is not so forgiving. This will allow you to send messages only 10 minutes after the first transmission. In other words, it probably will not allow you to delete the letters of your ex.

If you are too drunk to realize that you are sending messages to someone late at night, you probably have moved to remember that you have 10 minutes to delete them. But it can prevent other unwanted incidents, for example by sending an incorrect answer to someone. Of course, if the recipient sees the chat when it arrives, deleting it obviously does not prevent the situation.

Facebook has not yet reported this feature, but Verge It was found on Messenger for iPhone version 191.0 in "coming soon". But we know that this feature has been in work since the beginning of April, because it was tested for the first time in the last month. It is currently unclear whether this feature will work on both mobile and desktop, but it would be useful for Facebook to offer the same messaging experience on the platforms.

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