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Enes Kanter Kisses The Knicks Floor Logo After David Fizdale finally makes him a game

Enes Kanter is the whole Knicks during the last four games – all losses. Together, these games make up only four direct Kanter's seven-plus levels in the NBA, and the big man is not sitting there. Or, yes, of course, he's sitting, but while he was sitting, he did a lot of awesome and stunning, including admiring Knicks fans Unexpected Chants "We WANT KANTER!"

On the one hand, Kanter has a point. He is only 26 years old and, although he is incomplete, he is a NBA player and he is much more tuned significantly is more capable of playing winning basketball than the guys in front of him in the main coach David Fizdale rotating. Yes, Knicks is an incentive to lose games; they have the incentive to explore the great potential of Mitchell Robinson; they have the incentive to see if Noah Vonleh can enter as modern; they are interested to see if Luke Kornet is an unused value. But if they do did wanting to win the game right now, Kanter should definitely do them closer to this goal, although nothing that would be necessary for the organization to be taken away from the development league would be the rest.

Unless the Knicks unexpectedly divert the organizational priorities – not from these bosses – this is exactly what will happen to Kanter, who is out of contract, and now it makes more sense than a redemption candidate, rather than a rotating player on the tank team. The fans of Knicks, who deserve some credit for wanting their team to use their best players, even if the lottery gold entice the organization in another direction, was once again Serenading Fizdale with pro-Kanter songs on Wednesday night. But it was a particularly weak teamwork and a lopsided result Kanter finally sees the third quarter of court time when Knicks got to the 16th Mavericks he visited. True to build, he made sure that an otherwise undetectable moment would be a glance:

It seems that no self-avid NBA player should be so excited to take the floor in the Knicks shirt, which they press on their lips on the floor, but Canter openly uses the fan's mood as a leverage effect during his game or in the search for a ticket outside the city. Knicks fans ate it! Unfortunately, Canter's performance as a real basketball player left something he wanted. It was not a triumphant return that he could predict:

Kanter finished five points in five minutes with five points, and the team's 114-90 scored a scary minus four. Then, at his moment, Canter reflected his typical, inadequate style, telling the assembled media: "If they know that I have heart love for New York, they retire." So apparently this situation is less ready now for the stupid.

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