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Donald Trump, Jerome Powell and Fed, Salesforce – 5 things you need to know

Here are five things you need to know on Wednesday, November 28th:

1. – In the US-China trade negotiations stocks will increase in a possible breakthrough

US stock futures rose on Wednesday, November 28th, as investors were cheering up reports of a possible breakthrough in US-China trade talks this week at the G20 summit in Argentina.

White House economist Larry Kudlov, Larry Kudlow, told journalists that Donald Trump and China's Xi Jinping meeting will meet on December 1. Although he warned that the Chinese president "could change the tone and the nature of these talks," he suggested, however, that "President Trump has indicated that he is open" to carry out a deal to resolve existing trade tensions and possibly stop new ones. tariffs for Chinese manufactured goods.

An interview with the Chinese Ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai, who told Reuters that the comprehensive trade war between the two world's major economies was "unthinkable," was hoping for a weekend talks on the way forward, followed by an interview with the White House on the olive industry.

Contracts with Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 123 points, futures S & P 500 grew by 11 points, and Nasdaq futures reached 35.25 points.

2nd – GDP and Tiffany highlight the Wednesday calendar

The US economy has a second GDP estimate in the third quarter at noon on Wednesday. 8:30, ET, International Trade in goods at October 8:30, sales of new houses for October at. 10:00 and the oil inventory week ended on November 23 at 10:00. 10:30

Tiffany & Co. (TIF) dropped 8.8% when it announced a profit of 77 cents in the third quarter, which would be in line with the analysts' expectations, but the sales volume was $ 1.01 billion below expectations. One store sales were up 2%, but they also missed forecasts.

Now drive behind the spark with a little history lesson:

The luxury jewelry retailer also reduced its growth forecast for one-storey sales all year round compared to the average one-percent interest range compared to the previous guideline for the mid to high single-person price range.

J.M. Smucker Co (SJM) reported fiscal second-quarter profits and sales that did not meet Wall Street forecasts, and consumer food companies reduced their 2019 fiscal outlook. The market for pre-trading market decreased by 5.7%.

3. – Donald Trump Smiley Fed Chairman Jerome Powell

Donald Trump criticized the federal reserves and its chairman Jerome Powell in an interview with the Washington Post in which he accused the central bank of lowering US stocks and General Motors Co (GM) decided to close five plants in North Africa to America and two additional companies outside North America and cut 15 % of its labor force.

In a recent interview with Trumps, Trump told Trump that Powell was not even "happy" about my choice to run the Federal Reserve, adding that the Fed's current position on interest rates was "near the base." "A brief remark followed a similar interview The Wall Street Journal, in which he accused the central bank of being" a bigger problem than China "and comes just hours before the main talk of monetary policy from Powell Wednesday in New York.

Powell is expected to appear at lunch at the Economics Club in New York at noon. 11:30.

"I do business and I do not get Fed," Trump told. "They made a mistake because I have a bowel and my intestines tell me more than any other brain can tell me."

4. – Salesforce jumps for third-quarter profit Beat

The marketing software company Inc (CRM) published its third-quarter adjusted earnings of 61 cents per share, exceeding expectations by 11 cents, but its quarterly quarterly earnings forecasts were lower than projections.

The quarterly revenue was $ 3.39 billion, compared with $ 2.7 billion last year and exceeded $ 3.37 billion.

The company carefully watched the billing proxy, defined as revenue and a gradual change in Salesforce's unearned revenue balance, at $ 2.89 billion, up 28% and exceeding the consortium by $ 2.68 billion.

Commodity markets increased by 9.1% on Wednesday.

Salesforce said it expects the fourth-quarter adjusted earnings to be 54 cents to 55 cents, while revenue from $ 3.55 billion to $ 3.56 billion. FactSet analysts demanded revenue of 57 cents on revenues of 3.52 billion US dollars.

However, the company argued that the revenue projected for 2020 would be as high as $ 16 billion, thus achieving the 2022 goal from $ 21 billion to $ 23 billion.

"Although the headline is a bit easier than analysts predict, we think investors should not be sacked," writes Jim Cramer and the Team of Action Alerts PLUS, which owns Salesforce. "Overall it was a great quarter for a company with a solid blow in all areas. The company not only surpassed the market for customer relationship management, but continues to gain a share."

5. – YouTube Bulk Source Premium – Report

YouTube said its initial video programs, including sci-fi dramas and reality shows, will no longer be reserved for bonus subscribers starting next year. Instead, the program initially available on YouTube will be available for free, with ads for everyone, reported by the company's insiders.

A YouTube spokeswoman for Business Insider said that the decision to move the original content outside of its subscription service was to expand its audience and "meet the ever-increasing demand for a more comprehensive fan base".

YouTube Premium was released only eight months ago.

YouTube is the Google Alphabet Inc (GOOGL) Google unit.

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