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DJI denies that it stops its iconic phantom drones

View image at the top of this post? I don't have to say it's DJI Phantom because you already know. It is an instantly recognizable, virtually prototypical drone design that attracts imitators around the world – and now, rumors that the owner DJI kills it for good.

Well, that is little more than rumors, as Romeo Durscher, Director of Public Security Integration at DJI, said just as much podcasts last month: "Yes, the Phantom line apart from Phantom 4 Pro RTK is over," he said in a Drone Network of Owners. DroneDJ.

Durscher's answer was the answer to the question, what has ever been in the minds of drone enthusiasts: What happened to Phantom 4? Since every new version of Phantom, except the commercial RTK model, has not been in stock for at least a month. Some retailers show them as interrupted.

And today DroneDJ reports that the unpublished phantom 5, which would have had a replaceable lens, has also been canceled.

One tiny problem with everything: DJI denies that the messages are true. Romeo misspoke, says DJI Communications Director Adam Lisberg The Verge.

“The DJI is not able to produce more Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 drones until the supplier lacks detail. We apologize for the inconvenience and advise our customers to explore DJI Mavic series drones as an alternative to their needs, ”says the official DJI statement.

It is worth noting that DJI has been offering the same explanation for five months. This is a very long lack of details.

Photo montage with DroneDJ

"As far as phantom 5 rumors are concerned, we have never said that we think we are thinking of phantom 5 first, so nothing should be removed," Lisberg said: DroneDJ last autumn, when suspicion of Phantom 5 was suspected (see above), there was actually only one-off design for the customer.

If you ask me, it is a bit strange that the DJI will still find some shortcomings for another five months if it really wants to sell the Phantom drone, and that is awful lot of trouble to Design and Produce a Removable Lens Drone – and Lenses! – for only one customer, unless they are the Kingdom of Saudi Kingdom. The Phantom killing is also inconceivable, because the DJI is not directly required for two prosumer lines when it has already acquired a more compact folding Mavic pocket.

But I think DJI would be short-sighted to block his original, iconic drone design and name so easily. So I would be a little surprised if we saw the last of the phantom line.

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