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Defense Against Active Shooters, Mich. School Hands Out Hockey Cartoons: NPR

Hockey urns: They are small, heavy and – one Michigan college thinks – might be the perfect weapon against the active shooter campus.

Auckland University, a public school located in Rochester Hills near Detroit, for these reasons distributes thousands of 94-cent hockey champions.

The distribution, which began at the beginning of this month, was the result of the March teaching faculty's active shooting training session after the February shootings at Parkland, Fla., High School, which left the dead 17.

The training participant asked Mark W. Gordon, Police Chief of the University of Oakland, what elements people could use to defend themselves at a university with a policy free of weapons, reports from the Detroit free press.

The ice hockey was a "dynamic idea that seems to be beneficial to it, and it's the same caught", Gordon said.

The faculty union followed the idea of ​​purchasing 2,500 hockey coasters: 800 trade unionists and 1,700 students, Free press reports.

The school is actively working on trainings several times a year, using the Run, Hide, Fight method, which emphasizes that escaping from an active shooter is a situation where everything else lies when escaping is not an option – and struggling if the hiding is not, either.

Fighting the hockey puck or other means should be "the ultimate strategy," Gordon said. Free press.

"If you're thrown [a hockey puck] This knight would probably be injured. That would be the focus if there's nothing else, "Gordon said to the local ABC station WXYZ.

The police chief also suggested that the student group could "riff" the active shooter with his cartoon, creating a focus that would allow someone else to get their hand on the shooter's weapon.

All university pilots were not admitted to this visit.

"If I could give you a pile and I had a gun, could I take you?" fifth student Jacob Gore said with laughter at WXYZ. "Easy, yes, I think the wheels will not divert me or stop me from shooting someone."

"If there is an armed person coming in, why would you pull them up?" Echoes 3rd-Grade Student Adams Kalayjans. "It's absurd for me."

Small black disks are designed not only for self-defense, but also.

They are decorated with a number of donors who can connect to the university's online service, which directs any donations for installing interior locks in a university-grade door.

Oakland University Student Newspaper Oakland Post, wrote in March that the school had locks in a "classroom outdoors, not inside".

Since the Parkland Shooting University, the company has been trying to raise money for locks. The Union of Factories donated $ 5,000 locks, similarly to the purchase of wheels.

"In the course of time, and using our own resources, we will do it," said Toms Discenna, professor at the University and President of the Faculty Union in October.

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