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Cliven Bundy Tricks Trump Over Attack of Migrants: "We Should Be Heart" US News

Cliven Bundy is not a wall fan.

Negat Ranchard is a weird Donald Trump sponsor who is one of the best because his family members have been in armed conflicts with the US government. But there is one crucial question where they are different.

"I really have questioned his doctrine ever since he began to start building a wall," 72-year-old Bundy told Guardian on Wednesday. "I do not like the walls. I think we can deal with neighbors … A short wall was never so good with me."

During this week, the Bundy family once again draws attention to the unexpected critics of the presidential anti-migrant workday after the arrest of migrants, including children, at the Mexican border in the United States. Bundy's men, who have been imprisoned for almost two years and who are flagged for government-affiliated militant groups, add to the list of lawmakers who condemned briefly their attacks on migrants seeking asylum.

US officials fires at a migrant caravan – video

Clivens and his sons, Ammon and Ryan, were mercilessly prosecuted after their families continued to refuse to pay a grazing fee for their Nevada cattle, which increased in size in 2014, armed against the authorities at their farm. In 2016, both children continued to regulate the federal protest and the government's attitude to growers by taking Oregon's wildlife national shelter, which ended in mass arrests.

In the surprising victory of the family and their supporters, US prosecutors in both cases failed to convict Bundys, and then Trump returned two farmers in Oregon, whose imprisonment had caused asylum.

Despite the links between the White House and Bundy's right side, Ammon impressed some of his followers on Tuesday with a long Facebook video that challenged some presidential positions and expressed sympathy for migrants who want to enter the United States.

Amon criticized conspiracy theories about migrants and argued that "they are all a terrorist bunch", saying, "It's a bunch of rubbish." He also acknowledged the violence that the migrants highlight: "The circumstances in Honduras are actually terrible … Many of the refugees have shown that they have lost their husbands or mother or brother or sister or children and that they are in danger."

He said that some anti-immigrant arguments are "fear-based" and "self-centered".

Upon reaching the phone, Clivens said he agrees with some of his son's arguments.

Ammon Bundy said that fears about immigrant rhetoric are based.

Ammon Bundy said that fears about immigrant rhetoric are based. Photographer: John Locher / AP

"Are they good people or bad people? If they are good people looking for asylum, we are Americans and we should be in the heart and we should try to help them," he said, noting that some might have been cumbersome trips "How much suffering and effort are they pulling to get to our frontier? They are after some kind of freedom and freedom and a better life."

But Kliven said it's hard to say what's true and cited unwarranted reports that migrants could earn payments as part of a convoy. Trump and other republicans reiterated unfounded allegations that the Democrats were funding migrants, and Ammon acknowledged this falsehood as a "conservative party."

Clivens said he felt that migrants should be able to apply for asylum.

"Are they really refugees or are they really criminals? … We have to deal with and deal with," he said. "We can take care of a few thousand people for a few days."

Cape points out that it is important for him to impose borders and national sovereignty, and in some cases the use of weapons can be justified: "It is the work of the United States to protect our borders. If they have to use their caregivers, I hope they do not need it, and I hope they do not. "

Bundys are mormons, and both father and son are both mentioned faith in their comments on migrants.

"We are a kind of world church. We believe that all people on this earth are Heavenly Father's children," Cleven said, pointing out that members of the Mormon congregation are Mexican members. "We believe we are the same, and we keep on equal and will not be divided."

Clivens said he also thought the Short Border Wall, which is the signature of the 2016 campaign, would be largely meaningless.

"They can not build a wall to stop people … I do not think that it will do anything good," he said, adding: "We have a duty to cooperate with both countries and we are neighbors … These refugees coming from far to To the south, I think we have to deal with them. I do not think they are so big of a problem. "

Children who have migrated through Central America and Mexico during the month to Tijuana's temporary shelter.

Children who have migrated through Central America and Mexico during the month to Tijuana's temporary shelter. Photographer: Guillermo Arias / AFP / Getty Images

In a separate interview, Ryan said that he talked to Ammon before his Facebook video and expressed his support for his brother, adding: "The United States is always known as a melting pot. It has always been a place of immigration, except for the local Americans, we are all immigrants."

But he added: "This does not mean that everyone can just walk along the border. There is still a process that needs to be done."

Perhaps Bundys's long-term imprisonment imprisoned them slightly unique policy

Kevin, who was brutally caught in the cell in 2014, citing black Americans as "the lions" and questioning whether they are "better than slaves," said he was much acquainted with the dishonesty of the US prison system.

"There is a fairly good percentage of people who should not be in jail," he said. "They kill the inmate … This is bureaucracy, not a judicial system."

He said he was worried about America's high levels of imprisonment: "We should be the poorest nation in the world … I was in jail with several thousands of people. I've seen a lot of good people there. The smartest people in this country could be imprisoned in their prisons."

Amon, who was unable to comment, said in his video that he received many "negative replies" about his views on refugees, including the threat of violence: "Several people wanted me to die and others wanted the militia never to come and help my family, so that the government kill us. "

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