Wednesday , January 20 2021

Clark County approves the 22nd measles case, plans invitations for those who are exposed. The news

An unconscious child is the 22nd approved measles patient in Clark County, Washington, as the state of public health continues.

County officials say they now have 22 confirmed cases and three suspicions. And they have identified three more sites where people may be exposed.

The list now includes Memorial Emergency Care at Vancouver from 4:30 to 19:50. Saturday, Jan. 19, and Dollar Tree in Northeast 76th Street in Vancouver from 8:10 to 10:50. Tuesday, January 15

Health officials also say that people who have recently arrived in Vancouver Horticultural Primary School may be exposed. They announced Sunday that Vancouver's Evergreen High School is also a potential place of exposure.

Starting Tuesday, people identified as potentially exposed will receive an automatic call from Clark County Public Health at around 10:30 am and the other around 13:00. if they don't respond for the first time. These intelligent calls are designed to help public health professionals find and treat patients. But not everyone who has been exposed will receive a call.

If you think you are having measles symptoms, call your health care provider before you go to avoid others being exposed to others. The full list of exposure locations is available on the Clark County Public Health website.

Most of the confirmed cases so far are children 10 and younger. Of the 22 confirmed cases, 19 involved people who have not been immunized against measles.

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