Sunday , July 3 2022

Bredley International Airport has been restored to partial capacity


WINDSOR LOCKS, Conn. – Officials at Connecticut Bradley International Airport say the early morning break of the power supply left for travelers in the dark has been partially restored.

Airport tviterē on Monday at. 7.00, now some lights are turned on. The power was turned on and off at about noon.

When at 7:30 am, at the airport, Twitter reported that the TSA check was completely restarted and the passengers were being processed.

Access the incoming path remains closed.

Airport tviterē at around noon. 5:00 pm, the main power source is off and the terminal A is running on reserve power.

The power was restored shortly after, but around 6:00, the officials again tweeted that the airport had lost its strength.

Travelers are still advised to check with airlines about their flight status.

An email was left with the airport representative.

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