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Assassin's Creed Odyssey's new franchise approach may indicate that these games are ultimately big enough

Comics a big card Assassin's Creed Odyssey, which players can spend more than 100 hours, without exploring all their tasks and clearing all their caves and forts, will not increase immediately after the first expansion of the game. This is a change in how the series previously handled downloadable add-ons.

Freedom whimper, Dead Kings, and Curse of pharaohName some of the multiple paid extensions that were recently sold Assassin's Creed games-all added a new territory that exceeded their default game map.

First herd of the blade, the first October enlargement Odyssey, instead of being set up on the main game card, said the representative of the game released by Ubisoft Kotaku. They could not confirm whether the game has or does not have a new interior.

This does not mean Ubisoft lies in the expansion process, for which they still cost $ 25 per dollar, or $ 40 if you follow the two game expansions in the season. There seems to be a lot of new ones First herd of the bladetelling about Odyssey protagonist meeting with proto-Assassin Darius, the first winner of the series "The Iconic Hidden Persons." The parachute trailer shows new characters, new track tracks and new elements, such as a ship that appears to be a fire.

Since the September announcement on Odyssey& # 39; s expansion has not been clear how the expansions will be added to the game. Odyssey& # 39; Credits and PR people have highlighted the fact that they are using a new approach to the content of classified ads by dividing the parts of the telling heavy parts into three extensions in one expansion, one for Darius and one for the lost Atlantis city. Recent years Assassin's Creed Origins There were two extensions, each of which was completely released at one time, and each added a new land mass to new sites to explore and complete tasks. It was not known how a new mass of surface could be added as episodic expansion. This issue is now justified, with Ubisoft saying that at least about First blob we will find the same wide map we have left for the rest of the game. (We did not ask if this would work for Atlantis, and the doors will remain open to change things on the map and add new interior spaces.)

How about Origination"For expansion, players will have to be at a certain level to access the content," Ubisoft spokesman said Kotaku that players will have to level 28 or higher and complete the games related to the Naxos Island, in the seventh (out of nine) major divisions.

First herd of the bladeThe # 1 episodic chapter, Hunted, will continue to live Odyssey Tuesday, December 4th, giving all players and gamers an opportunity to see how this new approach stands out.

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