Sunday , February 28 2021

After Draymond Green-Kevin Durant spat, Steve Kerr's behavior speaks volumes about the state of the Warriors

OAKLAND, CA – There was No Rubik's Cube. No dog does not mean. No sarcastic jokes – well, one sarcastic joke. But for the most part, the Golden State Warriors trainer Steve Kerr, who was usually timid and endlessly patient with the media, had no mood at night until Tuesday's game against Hawks.

Kerr was bombarded with a question about the news, which made the media presence much bigger than would normally be the matchup with the team associated with the worst NBA record. Draymond Green was stopped playing after falling games with Kevin Durant who as reported, transmitted to the locker room over the final possession of the rules during the Monday to 121-116 overtime road damage Los Angeles Clippers. Usually even tolerant of even the most sought-after questions, Kerr was brief and direct with the media without raising interest in his usual expansive, flattering responses.

From the outset, he said he would not be able to investigate in detail the incident that led to the Green Stop, saying that he would remain in the team – the expected party response from an organization that largely retained its internal issues over the past four seasons with unsurpassed success.

Have you talked to Draymond?

"I talk to her and it's private."

How would you describe Durant's and Grin's relationships even before the incident?

"They together won the championships, they were teammates for three years and they were team members in the Olympic Games, you can draw your own conclusions."

Even when he asked the basketball about Tuesday's starting position, Kerr refused to disclose the start-up force – as he usually does – but added: "I'm not in a very good mood tonight." The only time Kerr smiled throughout the press conference was when he was asked about the now-famous incident in which Michael George finished his training during their practice.

"By the way," Kerr said, "I kicked MJ's ass."

So it was telling that one question was Kerr in depth – the one in which he was most animated – was the forthcoming free agency of Durant. In accordance with Shams Charania from Athletic, Gold raised the KD contract situation, since the reasoning was included in the locker room after Monday's game, but Kerr went a long way in denying that it ever happened, saying no one was in the team ever raised their chance for their double NBA finals MVP to flee from the Bay Area this season.

"Not all is a little bit," Kerr said when asked if Durant's potential free agency had affected the locker room. "Nobody has ever talked about Kevin's free agency, that's not what we're worried about. It's the NBA, there are guys who are either contracted or next freelancers." This is a business. I think that somebody in our locker or some of our trainer's staff twice thinks about Kevin's free agency this summer. It's next summer. We are training this year and we are playing this year. "

KD in the night garden

It was the calculated point on the part of Kerr, who was flying directly in the face of the report, and there were many protests in Kerr. Durant's choice to sign a one-year contract with an one-year option is the darkest shadow hanging between the search for a soldier's history – the fourth title in five straight-runners games, maybe more.

And that is precisely why this event is so remarkably distinct. Durant and Green have had arguments in the past, but it has always been tangled up to the heat of the day – two major rivals are struggling for great power. They silence it and go further.

"I think they have a lot of commons," said Warriors General Manager Bob Meyers of Durand and Green before the game. "They both want to win. They both love to play, I think they will play basketball for free. It's a relationship that works together to do great things and they will be and will be. So I think they have the sound of Bet, You know, in this sport, one of the best things about sports is emotional in this sport. Sometimes, you know, it's getting too emotional. "

Warriors knew that stopping Green would put a lot of emphasis not only on his relationship with Durant, but also on the effects of waves, would it be if Durant could split potentially one of the best in the dynasty's NBA history.

They knew all about it and still decided to stop Green.

We would love to hear what was said and how Green got himself – Yahoo Sports Chris Haynes reports that Green has repeatedly called Durant's "bitch" – but despite the fact that the insults were pushed out, Kerram and Myers were enough to take away the green check-ups and do what he loved at night. that Green has crossed a line for which he has unstabilized so much during the last several seasons.

Although Kerr avoided his usual behavior as a more staggering, Warriors cabinet seemed to be in the room, okay, normal. Durant climbed into his sport ties when he prepared preemptive shootings. Stephens Carrie, who did not take part in the second game, laughed at how many media representatives were present. Andrei Iguadala struck a joke and laughed at him as he left.

But after the game there was a different story. Kerr called the team "emotionally accompanying," and Durant seemed excited at his tight press conference, not wanting to talk about an incident any further. The most striking moment was when Durant asked if he had talked to Draymond about what had happened.

"Nah," Durant said coldly.

It was clear that Durant was still hurt by what Green said to him, and that this time there is no quick and happy makeup on the map.

As Kerr and Myers repeatedly repeated, such a disaster occurs every season. "We'll get there and continue," they said. And they might be right.

But no dynasty lasts forever, and the combination of the conflicting stars of the stars has been a factor in causing great past teams. Of course, the soldiers could immediately avoid 20 direct victories and a cruise to another championship. But if they do not have it – if there will continue to be spectacularly impervious armor during the season and losses will be played before the Durant change teams – we will look at this incident as more than just a spurious argument between the teammate.

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