Tuesday , June 22 2021

A 10-year-old Muslim girl gets a "terrorist" note in the class

Last Friday, a Massachusetts Muslim elementary student received a handwritten note, written in the class "You're a Terrorist".

According to the Boston Globe, a 10-year-old girl attends Hemingway Primary School in Framingham, about 22 miles west of Boston. Another note that read: "I'll kill you," was left to the fifth grade student on Monday, the report said.

"It's pretty disgusting," Jamaal Siddiqui, girl's uncle, told Boston 25 News. "To ban children for no apparent reason."

He told Boston's WCVB-TV that the letters were to his nephew.

"She is now in her quiet position, which is worse for us, because she is not in the same position. She is in good condition. She is always outside in playing with cold and things, and she refrain from it because she is scared," said Siddiqui.

The manager, Robert Tremblay, sent a letter to the company on Tuesday, followed by a press conference with school officials on Wednesday, according to a document.

"This is a community issue," said Tremblay. "This is not Framingham's problem, it's not a Hemingway problem. This is a comprehensive hatred problem and we have to talk about it and address it, and we're just here to do it today."

School director Elizabeth Simon said that this is very worrying for her and her community.

"Some students did not know who was a terrorist, so we had to explain it," said Simon. "I explained to them that this is unacceptable. It would be cumbersome if any of us got this note, but it is [the student] are Muslims, and sending this note to a Muslim student becomes a hate crime. "

The police are investigating incidents, but officials do not believe that students are in danger, Tremblay told The Globe. Siddiqui also said that the family was told that detective research would go through each student's backpack, reports Boston 25 News.

"It's sad to see that children at this age live in racism when they do not really know what it is or how it affects the other children among them," Siddiqui told WCVB-TV.

The school district also issued a statement on Tuesday.

"This kind of incident is not a place in Framingham schools or in the Hemingway community, and it will not be perceived. It is very important for Framingham pupils to be safe and secure at school and adhere to school," the statement said.

Students were asked to write a support note to the victim, said Simon.

"She is a really wonderful student, and she liked everyone," said Simon. "And she and her family and teachers are here and there, but I'm convinced that it's very difficult. It should be."

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