Sunday , February 28 2021

11 Ups and 4 Downs from the Last Night of WWE SmackDown (Nov 13)

Daniela Bryana WWE Champion

The Irish war goddess Becky Lynch struck on Monday Night Raw, and then went to hell because of his bloody, challenging SmackDown women's champion and her blue cohorts, taking their red coworkers at one of the most memorable end of the year.

"Everyone is tough as the" man "comes around," Becky said, just a hint of a near-scratched Ronda Rousey's hand out of its nest. She did all-powerful influence, and she knew that.

But somehow – somehow – Beech last night was not even the biggest talk point in her show.

It was a game-changing episode of SmackDown, and probably the best two-hour television set by its writers throughout the year. Height was awesome. AJ Styles 371 days reign, when the WWE champion ended, WWE gave a truly shocking heel turn around at the end of the night and the company introduced the best possible Survivor series replacement to Lynch, who dug another dazzling ad before the announcement.

It was a kind of episode that makes the WWE worthwhile, and while your mileage may vary based on the updated pay-per-view map, it's hard to remember SmackDown's home, which is so much on the table.

Flaws? SD was small, but each one was small …

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