Tuesday , October 26 2021

Woman accused of buying winning lotto ticket with steal credit card


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Lottery tickets to Toronto, Canada

The winning lotto ticket in Canada may not be paid because it was purchased with a stolen credit card.

A woman who probably bought a ticket was arrested on the way to the lottery offices during the police.

Police followed the stolen wallet report and discovered that victim credit cards were used to buy lottery tickets.

The suspect was identified with security films from the Newfoundland store where tickets were purchased.

A 33-year-old suspect arrested on Thursday by King Newfoundland's constitutional officials was charged with two stolen credit cards and five cases of fraud.

Const James Cadigan The BBC announced that the amount of winnings was a "significant amount".

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The Atlantic Lottery Corporation confirmed that it was a C $ 50,000 ($ 38,000; £ 29,000) ticket, but said it only paid prizes for legally purchased tickets.

"After all, if it is not paid, this amount will be allocated to the Atlantic Lottery's unsolicited prize account and will be used for future prizes," the statement said.

"We will continue to monitor the situation."

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