Tuesday , October 26 2021

Why Fortnite has worked diligently to maintain Teen's rating


Entertainment Software Evaluation Board (ESRB) Fortnite is rated as "T".

This rating plays a couple of key things in the game that wouldn't have been possible if the game was rated M Mature.

First, let's look at the decisions that have been made that led to this assessment.

Thorough language

In Fortnite you will notice that the word "kill" never appears. When a player is removed, they are "removed". Epic was careful not to kill the players in the games, but their destruction is a small thing, but it is a long way from playing.

Fantasy Art Style

Fortnite is not based on a fantasy world like Overwatch or Legends League, but it is also not smart and real, like CS: GO or Call of Duty. It exists in a sweet place where there is a pronounced man, but also not in a real war scenario.

Fortnite is considered a "blue blood" game – with Overwatch – while CS: GO and Call of Duty are considered "red blood". . ”

It's not that serious

Although the game is very serious in Twitch, the player base, and the competitive prize pool, Epic has done well to keep the game light. Things like the grappler (literally a piston) and the boogie ball add a rough layer between the game rocket launchers and projectiles.

In gaming events such as Kevin, the purple cube once again saves the game in the fantasy kingdom. All these things are combined to keep the rating of the game in the ESRB's eyes.

So what does T assessment give to Fortnite?

Some games are rated M. It is a pride for any violent game. Like the horror movie, which is rated PG-13, it feels a bit off, it's also a lot of video games.

For Fortnite they have chosen a strategic choice and it costs shovels.

There are no barriers to entry

As everyone knows, Fortnite is a free game. This highlights one of the main obstacles preventing people from playing the game. Another major obstacle is parents. Many have child locks on game consoles that require a password if someone tries to download the game.

Often these passwords are set for any game rated with M in the T rating Fortnite kept its player base incredibly wide as the third graders took the game together with college students. Nobody wanted to play for Fortnite rating, but many children could play the game for the first time because it had such an immediate parenting stamp.

Corporate sponsors are all

Only today, Ninja announced that she is participating in the Super Bowl ad, which is part of a permanent partnership with the NFL, along with football legends. Previously, Ninja has also appeared on Samsung ads and collaborates with companies such as Great Clips.

For the game, Fortnite collaborated with Marvel on activating Thanos in May 2018. In terms of ranking sites, Avengers is rated PG-13. Like Epic, it is Marvel, who makes an informed decision. If Fortnite is mature, this partnership can never happen.

Many companies use this red blood and blue blood as a line of sand that their brand can't cross by placing sponsorship money on gaming / esports.

By retaining its rating, Epic was able to create the name of the most successful video games both in the American player base and in the major corporate sponsors.

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