Tuesday , March 9 2021

US jeweler Harry Winson buys $ 50 million in diamond "Pink Legacy"

The pink legacy, the weight of the diamond weighing less than 19, gained a record $ 50 million bought by the US luxury jeweler Harry Winston, Christie said on Tuesday.

Harry Winston Jewelers – owned by Swatch, whose executive director is Nayla Hayek, the daughter of the late founder of Swatch, Nikolas Hayek – immediately renamed it as "Winston Pink Legacy", adding it to its rare collection of jewels.

Sales of gay juvenile jewelery reached $ 110 million, and 86 per cent found new owners, of which 11 found more than $ 1 million. Christie's luxury chairman Francois Curiel told reporters.

"Pink Legacy has created this extremely high price of $ 50 million, therefore, $ 2.6 million per carat, the world's record price for pink diamonds," said Curiel, who is also a gem expert. "This stone is for me a Leonardo Da Vinci diamond, I do not think there's anything better."

Estimated "vivid", the highest rating for pink diamond color, the gem is internally clean with a rectangular cut and placed on a platinum ring.

When it comes to the Oppenheimer Family, which built De Beers as the world's largest diamond dealer, the pre-sales diamond rating was between $ 30 and $ 50 million. Seller Id was not revealed.

Bright colored diamonds are the most saturated gemstones that show the optimal stone tint. Most pink diamonds of this color weigh less than a carat, the auction house said.

There were at least five people bid for pink stones by phone, but the winning bidder was Harry Winston's spokesman who was sitting in the first row, Curiel said.

An important Asian collector was a direct inadequate bidder, Rahul Kadakia, international Christie's jewelery manager, told reporters.

"After winning Winston, a 101-carat" D "flawless diamond, they nominated Winston Legacy, after 2013 they bought their first major purchase," the stone will now be called Pink Legacy Diamond, which Mrs Hayek has been excited about. With this stone they launched the Legacy Collection, "he said.

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