Wednesday , September 22 2021

Updates: Walkthrough for Vichy to begin before Leicester's first home game since helicopter crash

At this weekend, Leicester City returns to King Emp Stadium for the first home game since the tragic helicopter crash.

Five people were killed in a deadly incident when the helicopter crashed on Saturday, October 27th, immediately after rising from the squad.

Club Chairman Vichy Srivaddanhapraba died with two of his staff members, Kaveporn Punpare and Nusara Suknama, as well as pilots Eric Swaffer and Izabella Rozu Lechowicz.

After the tragedy, Leicester City has postponed the Carabao Cup game against Southampton at King Power.

The team played for the first time since the death crash last weekend, winning the match against Cardiff.

On Saturday, Leicester City will play Burnley at King Power.

Before the game fans are planning to memorial Vichy dignity from. 12.45.

It is expected that up to 20,000 fans will arrive from Jubilee Square at High Street to King Power Stadium.

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The reaction to a tragic helicopter crash

Flower signs are moved to an area near the collision site near the south-east of the King Power Stadium stadium.

The room containing the sympathy book, which has received thousands of records since the launch, is also being moved until Friday, November 16, until the car park E located near the scene.

The expected assault on the victims will be made during the game on Saturday.

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