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Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder clash Feisty LA Face-off before World title fight Sports

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder's press conference came to chaos when fierce battles hit Los Angeles on Wednesday.

The pair, who will fight on Saturday at the WBC heavyweight crown, became submerged in close combat as they pushed each other before their team brought them from the scene. Fury took off his shirt, as fighters exchanged insults.

Fury said: "He's really shaken, he's nervous and he's aside. I'm going to make him look like he's a clown." He looked very nervous, I did not worry, he did it. "He yelled, yelled, and all. It was fascinating, Is not he? He knows that he can not take me out, so he tried to get his own. He is trying to psychic himself to fight, but I am relieved, I was born a fighter. "

The former world champion reminded Wilder of his greatest victory as they arrived at the final press conference before the title fight in the center of Staples. It's been three years before Fury earns a lot of trouble when he staged Wladimir Klitschko, who was unbeaten for 11 years.

This victory is probably still the best of any active weight, and vowing to stop the American champion, Fury said: "Three years since I went to Dusseldorf and put out Klitschko's ass all the way.

"I'm going to the ball [Wilder’s] face him. I have heard that many people say: "Wilder by killing or by fury for points," but I tell you now, Wilder is about to fall off. "

Wilder responded by rejecting Fury as having a "time". Klitschko's 30-year-old was inactive for more than two and a half years, as he struggled with mental health problems and gained weight until he reached about 27, something that could undermine him on Saturday.

Wilder against fury

Deontay Wilder, far to the left, and Tyson Fury, on the second right, have separated their team members after their angry exchange of words. Photographer: Damian Dovarganes / AP

"This is the moment I've waited for all my career, this is my time," Vayer said. "He had anger when he beat Klitschko, what was his window to do everything he needed to do. How he took his duties as a champion was for him. But now is my time. I sat patiently and waited.

"I block Tyson Fury. They say I'm a coach and he's a boxer, but it's the same thing when I'm dressing up [Bermane] Stiff I'm going to show you how well I can box. He goes down. "

Furie wanted to emphasize the importance of his performance and his "mission" in representing vulnerable people.

"I stand as more than an ambassador in the field of mental health, I am a national champion," he said. "I'm not just fighting for me, I have millions of people looking for me."

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