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The Meghan Markle family has brought the royal family "Jerry Springer Show" to Royal | The news

The Duchess of Sussex, a relative of strangers, has been headed many times since it was announced that she was involved in Prince Harry. Neither attended the wedding nor the couple claimed that Meghan had gone out of their lives. Duncan Larcombe, former royal editor and author of Prince Harry: The Inside Story, said Yahoo: "They have reduced the royal family's comments to something from the Jerry Springer Show, you know it's sticky."

However, he stressed that Meghan's mother Doria had been "worthy" all over.

He said, "She has kept a decent silence, she has done everything right."

Dorija was separated from Thomas when Meghan was six years old and was the only member of her family to attend the Royal Wedding last year.

Biography has long followed the life of Prince Harry, as well as his brother William.

He even admitted that there was once a "fight" with the Duke of Sussex.

Mr. Larcombe said: “Harry and I were very often in a fight.

"It was good, we had a slightly heated argument, but Harry is a passionate guy, and if he's angry, he will tell you. Okay, he's honest. ”

He added that both princes are very protective of their wives when it comes to media reports.

He said: “I've also discovered it with Harry and Williams that if you write a story about those who are right and that is fair, they have no problem with it.

"Where they start to get angry or defensive is something wrong, they are also very, very defensive against others."

The royal expert who reported Prince Harry's lousy scandal when he was dressed as a Nazi party reflected how he had changed since the age of 19.

He said: "There was real concern that Prince Harry was publicly understood, and what would it be with the Royals reputation?

"It turns out that it was the best they could have done, this wild and rebellious prince is now because of the jewel in the crown of the British Royal Family."

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