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The Marshmello Event Showtime challenges live in Fortnité

It's almost a party time in Fortnite.

In one of the worst secrets of Fortnite for quite some time, Saturday, February 2, at.

Many leaks have come out in recent days, confirming this, and even Marshmell has confirmed it inserting it his travel dates.

Yesterday, players could go to Pleasant Park and see his stage is created for the show.

Today in Fortnithe, it seems that the concert is starting to appear during advertising, as the showtime "Showtime Challenges" has lived.

The first and only challenge unlocked invites players to look for a "Favorite Poster" to reward them with a Marshmello spray.

Fortnite Showtime Challenges

The other issues are unlocked within 24 hours, taking into account the challenging page, but they reward players with emote and pickaxe.

It seems to confirm the fact that the Marshmello model will be a game, not a game.

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Of course, it is still quite early to learn more about when the event officially debated.

The Marshmell event leaks back to the datam from the patch v7.20, which found a secret Marshmello music video files.

This video was only released one day after the launch of Marshmell Manager Instagram a was cooperation with Fortnite and DJ.

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