Thursday , March 4 2021

The Fitbit Charge 3 competitor has 20 battery life

Thanks to the striking Steel HR Sport, Myings moved to the portable game, and now it's back with Withings Pulse HR.

Pulse HR is the first fitness group announced by the French company since its rebirth, and wants to raise Fitbit Charge 3.

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Pulse HR, like the 3rd Charger, is collapsible in the band, with heart rate control as the main function. It also has an OLED display and multi-track tracking in over 30 sports, including yoga, volleyball and boxing.

Inside Pulse HR and PPG (photoplethysmic) heart rate sensor that regularly and regularly checks your pulse, whether you are active or not. This is especially useful because after your workout in Health Mate, your heart beat zones will appear.

The tools have always tried to look at the part, and Pulse HR is no different.

It has a black stainless steel body along with a polycarbonate surface, which means it should be quite durable. It will be equipped with a basic silicone strap, but it can be replaced with something slightly more colorful.

Pulse HR is not GPS. Although it's a shame, it's not unusual, because this small band has this feature, even missing Fitbit Charge 3. Instead, a GPS that uses the phone is connected to try and track you precisely while you are driving and doing other tasks. We will have to properly mount Pulse HR through our path to see how well it works.

The device claims that Pulse HR lasts 20 days with one charge, but we are sure it will depend on how much of the wearable features you use. When you wear it at night, it will also track your sleep by returning the information back to the app again.

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"With the addition of Ifings, we are dedicated to providing people with the highest health and fitness tracking capabilities that they can choose from the one that best suits their personal lifestyle. With Pulse HR we wanted to provide people with a new form factor from our steel and steel HR range, which still offers the same wear resistance, high-quality design and best-class battery life, "said Erics Carrell, President of Egypt.

The Withings Pulse HR is available for pre-order now at Amazon and for 119.95 lats. It will be available on December 5 and additional bands will be available in January 2019.

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