Thursday , January 27 2022

SpaceX Boss Elons Musks Unveils New Rocket Prototype "Starship"


SpaceX billionaire chief Elons Musks has shown the company's new rocket: Starship.

"The Starship test aircraft missile just completed the installation on SpaceX Texas startup site," Musk Maris published.

"This is a real picture, not a representation," he said.

The silver-looking rocket has only a few extra features or frills, except for a simple American flag on the hull.

Mr Musks wanted to emphasize that the image was not a representation, because it was similar to the artist's impression he had previously made.

The current Starship Hopper configuration will only complete aerodrome or "hops" that compete in high atmospheres before landing back on Earth.

According to Mr. Musk, the orbital version will be tested in June – working with SpaceX on a new rocket amplifier called Super Heavy.

The orbital version is longer than Hopper, has thicker skin than wrinkles if exposed to orbital flight pressure and also has a smooth curved nose section.

The pictures come as SpaceX's newest launch at the International Space Station, concluding that Dragon's capsule is returning to Earth.

According to the company, it fell off already on the morning of 14 January.

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