Sunday , January 29 2023

SNP MSPs distributed after the vote on "People's Voice" for Brexit


Holyrood became the first UK parliament to support the popular vote last night, when most of the MSP supported the referendum on Brexit's contract terms.

During the parliamentary votes, MPS voted 66 to 28 votes in favor of another referendum on Brexit, which also revealed the parties' divergence as regards the abolition of the EU.

People voting campaigns described Hollywood support as "significant," and expressed the hope that it would convince Westminster MPs to follow suit.

Holyrood was asked to comment on this issue after the liberal democrats made an amendment in the debate on the threat of withdrawal from the EU to scientific research calling for "unequivocal support for a public vote on the final agreement on Brexit".

Most of SNP MSP joined the Lib Dems, the Green and two Labor Revolutionaries to support popular vote.

But SNP MSPs, Kenny Gibson and Linda Fabiani, refused to return to another Brexit poll, although Nicarela Sturgeon recently announced her support for the population vote.

They were from 21 abstentions and joined by former SNP MSP Mark McDonald, who is currently independent and resigned after investigating his actions.

SNP MSP Alex Neil, who accepted the vote on Brexit, did not submit a vote.

Most of the workforce MSP was abandoned by former Scottish leader Kezia Dugdale and secretary of the shadow of justice Daniel Jonson, who both supported the party whip to support the vote. All Scottish Conservatives voted against it.

Although there is only a symbolic vote, those who are struggling for a popular vote, hopes that Hollywood's position will convince workers' deputies to support it.

They also hope that it will strengthen the support of the SNP for another vote in Westminster, where the parties do not yet have enough support to support one.

Last week, the SNP issue appeared when long-serving MP Pete Wishart said he thought that the second Brexi poll would create an unnecessary precedent for the second Scotland's referendum on independence.

Perth and North Perthshire MP argued that the popular vote legitimized Unionist arguments that it would vote for the Scottish Independence Regulation if Yes voted in favor of leaving the United Kingdom.

Last night, Mr Wishart, SNP's colleague, Angus McNeil MP, tweeted: "People's votes are nowhere. Westminster will completely ignore the Scottish (sic) parliament, which, in turn, has no popular vote count. Scotland must go to the next indyref2 phase."

Tavish Scott, Lib Dem MSP, who made the amendment, said: "This is an important vote. The Scottish Parliament is the first in the United Kingdom to support the popular vote. This will not be the last. It will only increase.

"MSPs and MEPs who support the popular vote are fast becoming the largest and most united block in UK politics. Every day, more and more people come to the conclusion that the public should give their opinion on the final Brexi agreement."

His Lib Dem colleague Alistair Carmichael added: "The Scottish Parliament, which clearly supports popular vote, is an important step in the United Kingdom's campaign for a vote on a deal.

"Now, London's mayor Sadiq Khan and other senior executives have to follow the work so that people can say the final deal, including the opportunity to leave Brexit."

Ms. Dugdale, who has been a strong popular vote campaign, said it would be "democratic outrage" if voters were denied the opportunity to vote in terms of the deal. "This is my first seven years as MSP, that I've broken the Whip, and I did not worry.

"But it was right to do my electors in Edinburgh and in Lothans, which I will always show first. Many of them suffer greatly if we leave the EU without a permanent presence in the single market and customs union." I have been a long-running supporter of the popular vote, and I believe that this would be a democratic outrage if the British people were not able to stop Brexi.

"The Scottish Parliament has sent out a strong message and I urge the UK Government to listen."

Conservative MSP Oliver Mundell accused the Lib Dems of having "a slightly obsessive desire to hold another referendum."

"We believe that this issue has already been resolved and that the best Brexit agreement will now be secured through cooperation between all parties, because everyone is doing what they can to support the prime minister, because she is trying to reach a consensus," he added.

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