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Nintendo Reggie Fils-Aime has some games he'd sell for you

Reggie Fils-Aime is in hype mode. This is Nintendo's chief Nintendo president's order a week before Black Friday, as he is in a 38-storey Manhattan hotel suite featuring Nintendo gaming and system boxes. "As we look forward to the next 45 days," he says, "we're excited that we have literally something for any American type, any American type in America."

Nintendo is different from most other gaming companies, and when I meet the Fils-Aime chat, I have to remind myself again of how this gaming company sells games and systems not only to adolescents and adults, but also to children and families. Nintendo is a gambling company that still believes it is most related to the toy industry, with huge Christmas deals and game loading in recent months. So we meet. He has the task of getting Nintendo stuff for every weekend wish list.

The Fils-Aime package assumes the role of American Nintendo vendors, catching details about the recently announced Black Friday packages. There's a Switch One with Mario Kart 8, a 2DS one with Super Mario Maker. The latter is described as "$ 40 worth", although if I want to check it later if it means that it costs $ 40, he explains that no, it costs $ 80. $ 40 is what you save by purchasing parts-2DS ($ 80) and Super Mario Maker 3DS ($ 40) separately.

Fils-Aime gives me such a strong pitch that he could bring to Cy Young. The switch works great. People are upset by the new Pokemon and Smash. Super Mario Party America is "doing pretty well" – the part of Nintendo's sales that he oversees, and he counts for attending a daughter in college and playing for her hours with her and her friends. Did they drink I mean, "No alcohol," he says. "It was early in the afternoon."

He is proud of everything about upcoming games and recent game switching events. He says more than half of the switch-over owners in the United States have bought copies Zelda Legend: The Wild Breath, Super Mario Odyssey and Mario Kart 8.

The new Super Mario Maker 3DS / 2DS kit is a great $ 80 offering, although it continues to blend the name of the problem that Nintendo created by introducing a 2DS system line that plays all 3DS games.

He is proud of the Nintendo 3DS and 2DS, which he calls "our special laptop", because he is proud of potential Nintendo fans who want the company to focus only on Switch, that "here in America we have been in the first three quarters of the year Growth. "(Data show that 3DS software sales fell worldwide this year, while hardware sales went up in America, Europe, and Japan, where the system is hot first.)

A good vendor makes it personal, so Fils-Aime is forgotten, acknowledging that he knows I have little children, the details that have been negotiating for over a number of years with someone you've been interviewing for over a decade. He says to me that the 3DS / 2DS is great for "entering a consumer, a parent with five, six, seven years. You're not really there. Soon you buy 2DS or 2DS XL …"

I'm not sure if Fils-Aime has exactly memorized how old my children are. They are almost two. "You will still sell it after four years?" I asked.

It would be spectacular, if not so unusual, that a company that has maintained the 3DS hardware standard since 2011 is equivalent to Apple's decision to continue to sell iPhone 4S variations while selling more powerful phones.

"Yes, we …" Fils-Aime interrupts, perhaps hoping to pick up a personal appeal to accidentally promise long-term support, "I certainly hope."

"For this entry consumer, it's perfect," he says, moving to a stronger pitch. "You want to give them a product that will deal with the abuse of young children, and it has more than 1000 games, as well as some of the world's most classic classics."


When the Nintendo president sells in America, he sells everything and has a lot to sell to the boy. Not just new Pokemon The game is a new link to the Pokéball controller, a copy of the game, and the bomb itself. He acknowledged that supply is always a problem, but he thinks that they have planned it well. However, he tells me the hardware kit Smash Bros Ultimate, Nintendo's biggest 2018 game is "actually out of stock".

NES Classic and the SNES Classic system for the first time together, he notes, possibly recognizing that the first was sold quickly in 2016, and this year Nintendo gave it only on the market.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Nintendo's largest holiday season game

Much is, and there is not much weakness emerging, the skill becomes known when they had to sell the Nintendo product using the lowest level of Wii U. I'm floating with the possible weakness of Nintendo's 2018 composition that some of its main titles are not completely new, with full knowledge that my premise is a huge mistake. I move on to the fact that I know that Nintendo sold over eight million Mario Kart 8 copies in the Wii U version, then switching it with minimal Switch switching parameters and selling 11.7 million copies, according to Nintendo. I swim that Switch is in November Pokemon games Let's Go Pikachu / Let Go Eeveeis not completely new, nor is it Smash Ultimate..

"Technically, these games make up older games," I say. "Smash based on Smash Wii U … with many things added to it. "

Fils-Aime produces a negative sound-noise, essentially a string of long strings of n. And then: "Smash and totally new Smash. "

"I was curious," I returned. "Do you consider it a limiting factor in how well these games can be done? They are not completely new games. You know what I'm thinking about."

"Why do not we always agree, Stefan?" He asks.

"It's much more interesting," I say.

He smiles. Of course, he knows what I mean. Of course, he knows that the whole deal with Super Smash Bros Ultimate is that it has every character and stage Smash the game ahead of it, although it certainly has many new stuff-characters, stages, story mode-which seems to be original. I know that it's not just rehash, but it's probably not going to get excited about the whole new game. I also know that it does not matter in terms of sales. And I'm sure he knows it all, but these nuances are not pitch. No, it's a pitch:

"Let's assume Smash Bros.," he says. "Smash Bros. is completely new Smash Game A wide list of playable characters, new play characters, this is a brand new game. [The franchise director] Mr. Sakurai will continue to tweak various characters before starting and even launching the past. New experience. We showed one-player experience. This is nothing from past systems. It's something brand new Smash players "

Nintendo has huge targets this year. The company is trying to sell 20 million switches in the financial year that start from this period from 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019. The sale of balloons is on weekends, but this goal might be tough. Nintendo sold around 18 million switches for almost 13 months, which consisted of a red-hot year-end consoles in the first year, from the beginning of March 2017 to the end of March 2018. Switch was new in the first year Zelda, new Splatter and repackaged Mario Kart until late summer and then new Super mario game in the fall. The Two Switch has been a weaker hand. It's rich with wonderful games like the indie platformer Celeste or oddball Nintendo posted Sushi Striker games and Good Folding Experience, but the big Nintendo brand games are limited.

Pokemon: Let's Go, Eveve is rooted in the franchise's original Game Boy games

One investor recently lamented the relatively poor leadership of Nintendo's 2018 Shintaro Furukawa, pointing out that "no big names were released from January to September this year," adding: "Whether this is the right strategy, the Nintendo switch needs to be raised to the audience." Furukawa responded by saying that "software development takes time", which leads to potential differences between major releases. He said during the determined times Nintendo had to "fill in all the flaws" with sales, downloadable content and more.

"This is our goal," Fils-Aime sys from 20 million years old and two switching labels. "The deadlines for October, November and December of this year are very important for us to achieve this goal." He points to success Mario half, The Black Friday promise and more, all the strengths of North America and South America, the Nintendo Sales Area. "We are well positioned to achieve this goal." This "fair share" is a reminder: he is not responsible for all the sales of Nintendo and the system in Japan, Europe, Australia and other areas outside North America and South America is not his responsibility.

I point him that Switch seems to be cooling some. The NPD Group, which follows the games and hardware sales to the United States, puts Switch as the best-selling console by September 2017, but said that PS4 was the highest in September 2018, without a doubt, the compulsory funds of this system Spiderman a game that is a kind of point.

Fils-Aime does not relate to his data because he has a better deal. "In the first 12 months of availability, the Nintendo Switch in the United States was the best-selling system at all times," he says. "Secondly, Wii has sold current competition platforms in excess of all the historic game consoles, the best-selling platform. Our goal is to continue this trend and we want to be in a free time when we can boast of our results compared to the Wii as well as the current competition consoles . "

I asked what could have improved in the first nine months of this year, and then there is a rare concession. "Would I be loved to see, for example Smash Bros. start earlier in the year? Of course the beginning of December is a challenge, "he says about Smash. This slot in December is what Nintendo gave more niche last year, although it eventually sells 1.5 million copies. Xenoblade Chronicles 2. "This is a challenge from a business perspective," he says. "This is a challenge from the point of view of retailers. No wonder Nintendo is pushing ahead of orders and season passes and the ability to unlock the bonus fighter if you act now.

"But he said this, he continues," when I look at our pace of growth, our ability to raise. " Fortnite on the system, our ability to be Diablo III the system Wolfenstein, look at third-party support that has been quite strong when looking at the independent public support that has been quite strong, I believe that in January I will come back and we will look at our performance in the first 22 months of its life cycle, I believe, that we are very proud of what the US Nintendo Switch could do here. "

I understand. I have it all. Nintendo has a quay that rides it over a few years. Fils-Aime can sell overly optimistic views of Nintendo's second year by pushing Switch and transporting 3DS and 2DS together. That's his job. He does not have a bad gaming range to sell, but there is no doubt that it will be proud next year and the goals will be easier to achieve when it's brand new, original Pokemon sell and Crossing of animals and maybe other mega games. I just have to find something different to disagree with him.

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