Friday , March 5 2021

Nicky Butt: Manchester Union has a huge task to transform the city. | Football

Nicky Butt acknowledged that Manchester is a huge task for the Union to re-establish itself as "the largest club in the country, but also in the city" after proving its rival Manchester's shocking progress over the past decade.

The manager of the UK academy, who won six Premier League titles and a Champions League player, spoke 24 hours after his club's 3-1 victory derby. This victory was accepted by Syria, the governing champions, 12 points from the United States.

"Every once in a while, you are facing a team that's too good for you," said Butt Premier Sports Network in London. "It happened with us when we were teams that wanted to do good in Europe. We came up with a team that was superior to us, Juventus, and they beat us every time we played them. That's why you have to keep your hands every time and again. and to say that they are a better team than us [have] better players than us and is too good for each team in the Premier League, to be honest. They are just as good as any team in Europe.

"Everyone who had some common sense knew that on Sunday it would be a very complicated game, and that we had finished our work, and each player had to play them in order to get a score." Team It was not. They had a much better team day. Manchester United is now a challenge for us to return to the place where we want to be who we are [to be] the largest club in the country, but also in the city. That's why this challenge is for the owners, the board, the manager and the club as a whole, where we want to be. And frankly, we have a challenge to get there in our hands. "

As a 92-Bit celebrity member now instructed to capture the new generation of gamers using the Joint Youth System, the 43-year-old has experienced an increase in the city since Abu Dhabi's takeover in 2008.

"I remember the local areas when rumors began that they are buying a lot of land in the Manchester area and want to build this huge complex, such as a small city town in the city, and you do not think it's going to happen," Butt said. "Before you know it, it's there, and you're thinking:" Very impressive. "

"It may not be everyone's cup of tea, but you have to admit that it's an impressive place, and they are a win-win situation. Their next challenge is the European Cup, because, until you win the league championship, you will not be able to compare with the best teams in Europe. their next challenge. "

The United has discussions with Antonio Valencia and Ashley Young about the new one-year deals, while players' contracts end after this season.

In Valencia and New York, over the age of 33, the United Kingdom has been assigned a full back position in this campaign. In recent games, Young has carried a handbag because Valencia is recovering from a foot operation.

Valencia has been Old Trafford since 2009, and Young joined two years later. José Mourinho is interested in staying.

Young has enjoyed a career rebirth, becoming a regular backdrop. Last season he was the first choice on the left, and he is currently on a regular good backend in the absence of Valencia.

United Kingdom's Paul Pogba and Anthony Martial have escaped from France's impending international forces injury.

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