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Liverpool wake-up call that triggered PSG changes – and why Jurgen Klopp is right over Fabinho

The view of Liverpool is simple.

On Wednesday night, Beat Paris Saint-Germain is on their back legs, and they get to the Champions League demolition stages – provided the Red Star is replaced by Napoli.

And the PSG should repeat the performance they started in Anfield from 3-2 in September, then the Reds will be sure that they will move to the last 16-year-old game with reserves.

But the Parisians seem to have learned their lessons from the fact that the big parts were Mersidida's tempting evening.

Rich Allen is a French football writer and podcaster for French football news and French football week.

And he gives us an internal song about Thomas Tuchel's team, as well as reports linking Fabinho with an early exit from Anfield – reports that Klopp has been strongly denied – our latest Liverpool podcast.

You can listen to the podcast completely below or our Blood Red channel.

But here are some of the key aspects.

Therefore, Neymar and Kylian Mbappe win in their fitness battles. But in September, I was beaten up by the fact that they did not follow the tracing, which gave the side freedom of Trent Alexander-Arnold and Andrew Robertson. Do you think that they will be ready to move or modify the system on Wednesday?

"In the last few weeks, Tuchel has now started to play on the back of the two with two wing spines, so it looks like it will be a bit different on Wednesday than it was at Anfield. At best, you will not get great tracking capabilities from Neymar and Mbabates – these are not these types of players And, after all, if you have this type of player, you do not ask them to keep up with them, because they will nullifi them further. So, moving on the three rear, with two wing spines, it only adds an extra layer of protection.

"Tuchel knows that he will come back from Cavani, who knows his defense duties, but you do not understand it from Mbape and Neymar. It's not like they're playing and you do not ask them to play it. You have to create a system that is best at the talent of your world class, so Tuchel has played a bit in his defense, and he seems to have settled in this formation. "

Given whether you see that Neymar, Mbappe and PSG are giving Liverpool more problems this time?

Liverpool Georgios Wijnaldum turns with a ball bribed by St-Germain Kylian Mbappe in Paris
Liverpool Georgios Wijnaldum turns with a ball bribed by St-Germain Kylian Mbappe in Paris

"I think it's different. The fact that Liverpool was supposed to kill the winner of the loss time (at Anfield) was a frontier guy. This dominant position in Liverpool appeared in this game and how poor was the PSG, which meant that PSG was an incredibly flattering result. But, as I say, I think that on Wednesday night it will be different.

"It's actually a mandatory PSG game, so I'm looking forward to a much more positive display. I think that in the first game PSG looked like a rabbit in a flashlight that was unusual for them, because in Europe they have not been exaggerated many times, especially in group stages. that it was a real wake-up call and I'm expecting a much more positive, dangerous PSG performance on Wednesday. "

Do you think that the PSG cruise Ligue 1 – they have won 14 out of 14 – mean that when they take Liverpool caliber teams, are they struggling to intensify?

"There is an argument that this is the case, but if you look at the seasons, Bayern Munich has gone a long way in the Bundesliga and still operates in Europe. And although it has not been the case in the last couple of years, Juventus is dominated by Serie A and is also being played in Europe.

"This is not an excuse that I completely bought. PSG has experienced players, players who have long been playing in Europe and who knows what the Champions League is, so they should be able to meet the time."

Fabinho returns to France for the first time since his summer move from Monaco. Are you surprised that he has no greater influence on Liverpool?

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"I am, I'm big, big fan of him. He's a great player. One interesting story that came out in France on Monday, and I have no doubt about how easy it is – the fact that L & # 39; Equipe was leading the story, PSG is still keen on signing Fabinho. Prior to his move to Liverpool PSG wanted to sign him. After a season they followed the season, and they did not manage to properly recruit this season after the season.

"So, L & # 39; Equipe was led by a story that the PSG wants these discussions to start again, and the comments they made are that, if Jurgen Klopp relied on Fabinho, the board could consider the move, ensuring that they gets a minimum of your money and a little more, so you are talking about 50 million euros.

"But I can not see Liverpool who wants to let player Fabinho go quality without giving him the opportunity to prove himself in the week and week, because he is undoubtedly a good player. The Premier League style is different from France. Very rarely, you get a player who Looking at Lacazette at Arsenal, he took a bit of time and now he turned out to be a quality assault on Arsenal, Fabinho needs this time. "

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