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Liverpool hopes get in balance after Red Star Belgrade's victory in Football


"Red Star Belgrade" players went out when Jürgen Klopp came to the media room with "The Great Mountain's Babies, I Love Your Way," which is from PA. Liverpool manager had another insult many at night. His team's performance was the worst. They grappled with the dynamic and determined Red Star, so their qualifications are looking forward to unnecessary risk.

This was Liverpool's 200th European Cups / Champions League game, and it is questionable whether they were playing the same atmosphere wildly, but so slowly responding. Two goals from the striker Milan Pałkow, the second is a remarkable result, won an outstanding victory and the Red Star's first victory in the race – the excluded qualifications – since 1992 they were the champion's advocates.

"Another animal at home," described Andy Robertson. Liverpool could not be a beast. Klopp and the company's excitement is that they have become another performance from Anfield this season in the Champions League. Paris Saint-Germain is waiting for the next in France. Liverpool has left a small profit margin of error.

Maracan's reputation for excitement, hostility and continuous noise did not seem to be exaggerated, although Klopp rightly emphasized that this was not a justification for the performance of Liverpool. It was an impressive background, and Red Star responded in its own way. Heavy armed soldiers scattered the entrance and volume levels increased with the hosts controlling the competition. There was also a sincere ovation for the Red Star team members who played Liverpool 2-4 for 45 years on Anfield's 45th birthday until they started walking around the pitch. The red star screen has the support they have received. Liverpool supported the theory that Maracan is intimidating.

The selection of the Liverpool team, with the exclusion of Xherdan Shaqiri, to avoid any political shocks, looked dubious and complacent from the start. Roberto Firmino's rare unemployment from the starting lineup was understandable, because Brazilian fatigue was late, but Daniel Sturridge, Adam Lallana and Joel Matip presented their mismatch.

Sturjide was supposed to open the scoring when Robertson started off the cross on Sadio Mane, but without pressure, he clutched out loud. It will turn out to be expensive to miss, one that has been fueled by a home crowd, and a transient tactical switch.

Although Mané and Mo Salah had a place to attack sideways, and Virgil van Dijk made another startling momentum, Liverpool's overall growth deteriorated as the first half progressed. The "red star" was brightly opened, like Anfield, but this time they had talent and support to capitalize on. Former Chelsea midfielder Marko Marin lost 4-0 loss, but was at the heart of a creative and convincing image of Serbian champions. Pavkov, anfield bench, took his chance at Richmond Boakye.

Mohamed Salah was one of several Liverpool players who have in mind the odds

Mohamed Salah was one of several Liverpool players who have in mind the odds. Photographer: Andrei Isakovich / AFP / Getty Images

Marin had the first opportunity in the game when El Fardou Ben Nabouhane found him too much behind Trent Alexander-Arnold. He turned inside and wiped Alisson, and then Liverpool warned of what would happen with the dangerous corner that was attacked by Vujadin Savic. The captain was one of those who missed the Anfield meeting and introduced a significant improvement on Red Star.

Maracan stood out after Marin on the right-hand corner of the corner. It was flooded deep into the sixth box, where the next Baptist stood out above the defenders and exhibited an unbroken downward header behind Alisson.

The home fans were angry, Liverpool was failing, and worse seven minutes after the visitors, when in the center doubled his engagement with stunning fashion. In turn, while collecting 40 yards from the goal, Pāvkov easily deflected George Wijnaldum before closing. Van Dijk and Joël Matip retreated and the attacker accepted their call to unleash a fabulous strike from a distance that flew to Alisson's right post.

Liverpool looked at the other, which devastated the group and the mountain team. Since the Arsenal Europa League in October 2017, no team team has been defeated. This season, Red Star was allowed once in five local European competitions on Friday, a campaign that began in the qualifying rounds four days before the World Cup final and did not force Milan Borjan to save one side. Klopp responded with the introduction of Firmino and Joe Gomez part-time respectively Sturridge and Alexander-Arnold. He got the response, asking for the situation, but not changing the desired results.

Firmino Manei had a good chance of kissing two defenders. Liverpool's prevailing second-party display tone is set. Robertson arrived at a crossroads with Filip Stojkovic, Salah wounded after James Milner's corner – Salah also wiped one of them straight out of the game – and Borjans saved twice from Egypt's international reach. Van Dijk also moved from Firmino crossing, as Liverpool was under constant pressure, but the hosts climbed happily to find out about victory.

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