Monday , March 8 2021

January transfer plans, Benjamin Mendy, FFP – Man City Q & A LIVE

Fernandinho and how to change her

We will start with a couple of questions about Fernandinho.

Usb asks what City plan is to replace Fernandinho in January, and Roger is wondering if Douglas Luiz is the perfect man to take over.

As a clear derby, Fernandinho is still undoubtedly the most important player in this city team. Their protection is huge and their attack is deadly, but each part is allowed to act only because Fernandinho forces the parties to blend so well that it is necessary, as needed.

The city wants to sign a new player for this position for several reasons. First of all, Fernandinho is May 34 and can not continue to do so until now forever (although this is not the first time he was told!). Guardiola has done a good job of setting up a team for years to come, and this is the newest part of this plan. Secondly, wounding or stopping the Brazilians leaves the city vulnerable because they have no other position because they have no other option – it's not even up, where you can call Bernardo or Gundogan if De Bruyne is not.

This second reason helps to explain why the city looked at Fred, and so strongly pushed Jorginho in the summer. They saw the opportunity to gain a position for many years, signing the player almost guaranteed that he immediately began the Premier League, as he is now seen at Chelsea. The fact that they did not move after Jorginho was released was partly due to the cost of the transfer market, but also about the specific requirements needed to ensure this role in this system.

Douglas Luiz could not get a job permit because he was surprised in the summer and John Stones played in some games, but the city is still looking for someone who will quickly replace Fernandinho and become the first team player. Luiz, of course, is an opportunity if he is surprised at Girona, but Frenkie de Jong is interesting, and Napa Allan was recently mentioned.

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