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How much coffee you drink depends on your genetics, says a new study


There are several obvious factors affecting many coffee beverages. How much sleep did you last night, for example, or how many times a poor cat woke you up. The closest Starbucks to your office. The number of emergency and acute stress days that delay your diary. But before you reproached yourself about your complete caffeine addiction, here's something else that plays an important role: your genetics. A new study has shown that the amount of coffee drink is due to your genetically affected sensitivity to its bitter taste – and more specifically, the more sensitive you are, the more you can drink. Is not this a useful fact that will be at your disposal next time your fellow man is sitting on your fifth butterfly day?

Researchers from the Northwest University of the United States and the QIMR Berghofer Institute of Medical Research in Australia have studied the link between our perception of the bitterness of coffee and how much of it we drink. As the researchers pointed out, the cat should stop us from drinking coffee and other bitter substances – after all, we developed a taste to prevent us from consuming harmful things. And yet, the quick glance at the next morning cafe is enough to show that it is far from the point.

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A study published in 2007 Scientific reports, studied the relationship between the sensitivity to caffeine bitterness and coffee consumption in more than 400,000 people in the UK. Researchers have been looking for a link between the presence of genetic variants associated with caffeine sensitivity and the amount of coffee that participants themselves reported drinking.

Results? People who were more sensitive to coffee bitter coffee actually drank it more. "Given that people generally avoid bitter tastes, we interpret these discoveries as potentially learned behaviors," said co-author Dr. Marilyn Cornel, from Northwest. Guardian. "If we can get caffeine well, we associate it with the properties of caffeine psychostimulant and therefore we are looking for more coffee." Simply put, if you feel more sensitive to coffee, you are more likely to associate it with expensive energy effects – and, as a result, drink more.

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It is explained that "strong caffeine tasters" can mostly become the main consumers of coffee, explained the first author Jue Sheng Ong of the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute. "Even though the perceptual effect on your daily coffee quantity could be relatively small – just 0.15 per day increasing – from ordinary caffeine coffee to a strong caffeine tasting, it actually makes you an 20% greater chance of becoming a heavy drinker – more than four cups day, "he said Guardian.

Scientists point out that taste is not only an opportunity but also a neighborhood; Instead, it's very influential for your genetics. You've ever wondered why you should constantly supply caffeine to feed it all day, but Katie at the table next to you seems to be just fine with the water that's filled with your fruit? The answer turns out to be in your genes.

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