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FTSE 100 consolidation mode; FTSE 250 landed below the Metro Bank PLC

  • FTSE 100 to 36 points

  • The better fiscal second quarter result was higher

  • worst rate in the mid-point after it was discovered that the PRA had adopted a credit rating policy

15.15: Metro Bank gets into inconvenient credit ratings

Footsie, Connor Campbell, continues to hide at 7000, failing to break the barrier.

The blue chip index reached 36 points (0.5%) to 6,978 points, which is about two-thirds of the current trading range.

It was, at least, above the average FTSE 250 cap, which had fallen by 3 points to 18,825, where Metro Bank PLC () split 8.1% to 1.144p after it was discovered that the regulatory authority (PRA) had taken the problem had classified some loans with it.

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At the other end of the FTSE 250, the greasy pole met PLC (), casino and bingo hall operators. John O & # 39; Reilly, CEO of the group, admitted that the first half of his fiscal year was tough, but said he was promoted by the group's improved results in the second quarter.

Ranking of 162.2 percent increased by 8.4%.

Noon: The FTSE 100 resumes its upward trajectory

Footsie returned to life, preparing for midday, and much of the heavy lifting was done with resource stocks.

FTSE 100 reached 41 points (0.6%), which was 6.982, and oil stocks were good when Shell began receiving trading information.

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Among the miners, PLC () was up to 36p at 1.935p (DB) increased its price target to 1800p from 1.700p and JPMorgan (JPM) nudged its target to 2.210p from 2.180p.

DB also abolished its target of BHP Group PLC (LON: BHP) to 1600p from 1.550p, while JPM reduced its target price to 1.975p from 1.980p; shares increased by 24.6 percentage points to 1.696.8p.

Tomorrow, commodity trader and mining group () grew by 2.15 percent to 307.4 percentage points, well below the JPM's new target price of 380p, reaching 370 percent.

At 11.00: Benefits as futures indicate a weak start at Wall Street

Future markets point to US benchmarks that are just getting tighter, and this shows that it has already disappeared from the market.

The FTSE 100 reached 25 points (0.4%) at 6,966 because it had previously been entertaining the idea of ​​returning over 7000 when it reached a short 6,995.

"The Fed meeting yesterday highlighted the rocking horse under the action, pushing Dow again," said Chris Beauchamp, chief market analyst at IG.

"However, the shockingly poor German retail figures, which have recorded the worst monthly decline since the beginning of 2007, have dampened the mood and increased the current worry that the eurozone is moving towards a much softer economic patch, but if the Fed remains so prudent on monetary policy, then the shares less worry, ”he continued.

"Now that US and Chinese officials could simply resolve a positive statement and point out that progress has been made, we could be another leap ahead of over 2700 to S&P 500 and smashing through this recession line from the October heights that seem to all look (even unfaithful), Beauchamp said.

In the UK, Aberdeen PLC () was 4.3% lower than 253.65 percent after reducing the stock to an equal weight of 'overweight'.

9.45: Footsie Hot Foot

Central banks reserve the right to change their thoughts and the Federal Reserve seems to be well-thought-out, promoting the stock market.

FTSE 100 was 36 points (0.5%) to 6.978.

"FTSE found renewed energy on Thursday, just like Wall Street last night after Fed's surprised markets with a much softer tone of interest rate hikes this year. Unlike the plans outlined just six weeks ago, the central bank said it could not raise rates soon as it monitors the slowdown not only for domestic economic growth but also for the global slowdown, ”said Fion Cincotta, City Index Senior Market Analyst.

This morning, the dollar has dropped, but it seems that Footsie's big dollars have shot it.

The reaction to the trade updates from the big horses from Footsie was distributed evenly, with () and () obtaining thumbs and (LON: BT.) And () getting the ball.

Shell and Diageo were 4% and 4.2% respectively, while BT and Unilever were 4.1% and 2.9% respectively.

“BT has a lot to deal with both in the near and long term, and dividend issues will not disappear. Profit has been steady over the past nine months, reaching £ 5.55 billion, but huge investment in its fiber network has reduced free cash flow by 11%, 'said Lee Wild, an interactive investor.

“BT shares in these results did not have enough influence on the broader market position and, despite the cheap price and attractive yield, the market may want to see what [new boss] Jansen has his own sleeve before it supports the young man, ”Wild said.

8.45: Hot dash

FTSE 100 was better than expected to start with a three-day winning phase, as it increased by 47 points to 6,988,15.

Who knows that Footsie can go back over 7000 even at the end of the week if the impulse continues.

With a blue chip index, which was largely rated for lubricants, the 3.5% inspired result is higher than the index engine.

The comments made by Fed Manager Jay Powell also contributed to the mood.

Just before Shell was the leader of Smirnoff's vodka Diageo (), who reached 4% in the half-year, and said it would start a £ 600mln buy-back.

"Surprisingly, for a group that turns water into something stronger than wine, Diageo makes a lot of money, and the company has thrown another £ 1.3 billion alone in the last six months," said Steve Claiton, stock collector.

"These figures show the strength of Diageo, with good growth everywhere, despite the volatile macroeconomic situation."

BT () had no surprise, whose financial performance was as anemic as expected. Shares fell by 1.6%.

Proactive News Headlines:

() On Thursday, he lived in a village with a restaurant reservation service in Bristol and updated his strategy for 2019.

() After two new patents for its VAL301 connection in China and Russia, the newest biotechnology has once again increased its intellectual property.

The Mineral Resources Research Company () must receive a taxpayer allowance of around £ 500,000.

Trading in the open Group PLC () fiscal third quarter continued to leave the group rapidly to meet the expected earnings forecasts throughout the year.

The GP Surgery Owner () raised the dividend for the 22nd year because it was Brexit's confusion. "Regardless of Brexit's final outcome and consequences, the UK is unlikely to have a direct impact on the primary health centers we invest," said Harry Hyman, CEO.

The Renewable Drugs Group () has signed a new license and distribution agreement for its road screw scaffolding ChondroMimetic with an Indonesian partner.

Shefa Yamin (ATM) Ltd () has released results from large-scale sampling in Zone 2 in its Kishon Mid-Reach project in Israel.

The computer game production service provider () said that 2018 was "another year of good organic growth and geographic expansion".

(LON: SCLP) in their mid-term results is cash to promote the immunotherapy product pipeline.

() said there was no safety or compliance issue for people participating in the company's skin cream test. Half of the 120 volunteers have participated in the pilot process and the study was completed as expected this quarter.

The Cell Therapy Specialist () said that new data will be submitted to show that it is possible to increase the production of exosomes produced by ReNeuron CTX. Exosomes are nanoparticles released by cells that are thought to play a major role in cellular links to cells.

The ban on tenants' royalties from June will be less than expected Belvoir Letting PLC (). Initially, Belvoir, the UK's second largest leasing network, predicts a ban of 8% of total profits.

IronRidge Resources Limited () has released an update on its Cape Coast lithium portfolio in Ghana. The research company said the Abonko target and the Eqoyaa lithium project had completed 4,684 meters of recirculated drilling holes, which had returned visible spodum junctions to unused tests.

() explores the potential of a new bacterial topoisomerase inhibitor (NBTI) program with other parties potentially interested in licensing a project after Deinove said he has decided not to use his option. The company claimed that Deinove's decision follows a nine-month evaluation period, during which the group had the sole right to develop the program.

PLC () has said that profits will be expected throughout the year after the loss in the first six months.

PLC () has sold a stake in its share of the Aussie copper research MOD Resources worth £ 254,000.

Martin Eales, Executive Director of Rainbow Rare Earths Ltd, believes that miners now have a plan that has their own financial performance to achieve imbalances.

Acquisitive oiler (LON: DGOC) has confirmed that trade remained "strong" in the last weeks of 2018.

() said it had appointed Antony Batty and Company Antony Batty and Hugh Jesseman as the company's joint administrators after the announcement of December 20, 2018, which came into force immediately. It added that the purpose of the administration is to ensure that its assets are properly realized in order to maximize value for creditors and shareholders and, where possible, for survival.

88 Energy Limited () ((ASX: 88E) confirmed that the company's latest corporate presentation is now available Web site.

6.30: A small start is expected

FTSE 100 will prove to be exhaustive, but a positive start after the triple number on Wednesday.

The blue chip stock index will reveal eight points higher than 6,949,63, according to wagering betting companies.

Wall Street closed high, after climbing more than 400 points. This was supported by the comments made by US Federal Reserve Manager Jay Powell, which actually set the interest rate. His words had a positive impact on Asia's major stock markets.

"The US central bank has called its language and abandoned the phrase" further gradual increase "in terms of rising rates," said David Madden, CMC Markets analyst.

"The Fed also said they would be" patient "when it comes to hiking rates."

Returning to the UK, it will be a busy day for the company's latest news with the latest news from fights telco BT (), beverage maker Diageo (), Marmite owner Unilever () and oil's biggest Shell ().

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