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Friends' viewers reveal a really creepy moment that we certainly didn't answer

Since then Friends Horror Show? Well, it seemed that there was one creepy moment that we all did not answer, which certainly gave it.

Eagle-eyed fans Reddit has noticed a moment in "One with Rachel's new dress" because Rachel is going to spend the night with her new date.

When they accompanied their parents at home, mom and dad arrive home unexpectedly from their holidays.

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During the stage, the audience has now noticed that the statue in the background of the room is blinking with some serious red eyes before they appear to return to black in other shots.

Friends creepy statue screengrab - without red eyes

Statue without red eyes in another frame

Warner Bros Television

Creepy or what?

Other Friends news, Ellen DeGeneres just built a reunion because she helped start Courteney Cox Instagram account.

Ellen DeGeneres shows reunion with Friends of the Stars Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow

Warner Bros.

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She was joined by no one other than Lisa Kudrow, and to get it started, it all happened in a large orange sofa, which is located on the central stern set.

"I wanted to be there for you," she smiled. Aww guys. Do we now have a full reunion?

It was not the only recent one Friends reunion, as Coke was noticed to run Tom Selleck – who played the love interest of Richard Burke – before Christmas.

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