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Free-to-play Monster Hunter Dauntless moves all player accounts to Epic Store •

Developer Pheonix Labs has announced that this year will move all existing accounts for free to play co-op monster-hunter Dauntless over the Epic gaming store and that all players will need the Epic login procedure to continue playing after the move.

According to Phoenix Labs questions on this issue, infinite "account migration will begin as soon as possible", when the process is completed, the current launcher of the game will be released. Players who do not currently have an Epic Games account will first need to be involved in the migration process, and it appears that their powerless accounts will be automatically converted. However, for those who need it, it will be necessary to connect their unemployed and Epic accounts together manually to launch the game via the official website.

As Phoenix Labs explains, players 'current progress, friends' lists, guilds and platinum (meaningless 'gaming currency') need to be transferred and integrated into Epic's infrastructure. However, players who would rather avoid the Epic Games Store are unsuccessful. The developer writes, "Migration of your account is the only way to ensure that all your success from failure fails after we launch the console and the Epic Games store."

Although in recent months Epic has been aggressive and controversial, the amazing offer to provide a number of high-level exclusivity deals for the new store – including Ashen, The Division 2 and Metro Exodus – seems to be a pointless move. In his post on discussing upcoming account migration, Phoenix Labs stated its willingness to play intermediate games between PC, PS4 and Xbox One as a key factor on the move. It follows from Epic's statement last year that it will make its platform infrastructure, originally created by Fortnite, for all developers free of charge.

Epic Games Store, PS4 and Xbox One are expected to be officially launched in April this year. Mobile and switcher versions are scheduled to be released before the end of the year.

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