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Fish Oil Reveals News: Is It Snake Oil?

A new study on the benefits of fish oil is small, as the smallest of them is not fish oil

The news that declares the benefits of fish oil is once again ready to increase the demand for omega-3 supplements. Taking into account the fact that by reducing the fish ocean to squeeze out good things and place their pills, it seems to be a trend that should be answered by TreeHugger, we studied science behind the headlines and found more than just sustainability issues.

It is not fish oil

Responsible news organizations are concerned about pointing to the tested form of medicines as "extracted fish oil" or at least as "fish and oil additive", but many suppliers of fish oil additives will definitely use fanfare to enhance the image of their products association.

In fact, the study did not test the "fish oil" additives, but the drug was called Vascepa, a highly purified icosapent ethyl (also known as ethyl-eicosapentaenoic acid). Eicosapentaenoic acid, EPA in short, is one of the types of omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil. Omega-3 fatty acids are important for human and all mammals, because we can not do it ourselves. The term "omega-3" refers to the fact that the first chemical double bond has 3 links from the end of the molecule. (The double link for chemists is known as "unsatisfactory", so we use terms that are saturated and unsaturated.)

The study of this single molecule drug may not reflect the health effects of fish oil in general. In particular, the highly purified supply of omega-3 fish and oil components could solve a few issues, such as the possibility of carrying fish oils to contaminants such as PCBs that bioaccumulate in marine creatures.

Did placebo make people sick?

In the study, the greatest disease is not fish oil, nor fish oil. This is a placebo.

In the scientific chambers, this study is full of opinion that the mineral oil used in placebo tablets to give them shimmering people associated with fish oil supplements could actually have a negative effect on the health of the control population. Mineral oil can reduce the efficacy of statin drugs that patients used to control cholesterol in this study. If that is the case, the proposed protection limit could be falsely raised.

Some medical experts believe that, even if a placebo had a known effect, it is not enough to detect a 25% reduction in the risk of a heart attack or stroke. Carl Orringer, a cardiologist at the University of Miami-Miller (who was not involved in this study) notes: "Even if there was a slight effect of mineral oil, it would be so minimal that I did not think there could be a significant difference."

Other studies using corn oil in placebo can help explain the truth of the question.

Will fish oil derivatives make people healthier?

As with many studies, this is aimed at a very special patient group – people with high triglycerides, and an increased risk of heart disease or diabetes, who are already pregnant, and drugs designed to control bad cholesterol.

In short, this means that the medicine may not be beneficial for people not in this particular high-risk group. This can help explain why many studies do not confirm the same benefits.

What is the company game?

The current headlines have been published in a clinical study called REDUCE-IT, announced on November 10 at the annual American Scholarship Association's Annual Scholarship in Chicago and published in the New England Journal of Medicine. REDUCE-IT clinical trials are paid by Amarin Pharma Inc., which produces the specific fish oil.

Sources of funding that could lead to conflicts of interest are related to the lack of repetition of scientific discoveries. Although this does not in any way disclose a specific study, Amarin did not do its own thing to the scientific community based on the results of the study before the study design details and results were available. This leads to the fact that people, by accepting a large claim, increase the number of pharmaceutical shares before they can fully understand the truth of science. It makes the study more like marketing and less than an objective attempt to find the truth.

So people should use fish oil supplements or not?

Talk to your doctor if you are worried about the heat. He or she will find out whether the grass is worth it, based on the specific circumstances of each patient.

But if you try to improve and maintain your overall health, try to eat fish instead of fish oil. Or better, look for plant sources for omega-3 fatty acids, such as flax, chia, hemp and sesame seeds. And do not forget the importance of using and balancing your diet.

If you just have to fight for an additional consumer, look for one of the many products based on algae or other sources of oil rather than fish to maintain your sustainability impact.

Full study available online:
Cardiovascular Risk Reduction with Icosapent Ethyl for Hypertriglyceridaemia

A new study on the benefits of fish oil is small, as the smallest of them is not fish oil

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