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First impressions from the new 2018 iPad Pro owners


We have already seen iPad Pro reviews from media sites that Apple has been invited to test tablet before it launches, but now that the iPad Pro has officially launched, now the first visits to ordinary Apple customers are available.

New iPad Pro Owners of Reddit, Twitter and MacRumors the forums have shared their views on the device, and those who are considering purchasing give average consumer insights a useful insight.

MacRumors The TrueBlou reader shared some of the old 12.9-inch images iPad Pro next to the stylish, thinnest 2019 12.9-inch version, which looks at the smaller the new model. He says the difference is "incredible improvement".

This is incredible improvement, I really can not overestimate how big the difference is. This is one of my favorite things about the new iPad.

It's not just that it's smaller, lighter and thinner – of course it is. But the combination of all these things also changes the center of gravity, and it really is noticeable.

Reddit user SlightCriticism offered a look at 10.5 inches iPad Pro on the new 12.9-inch model, which gives an idea of ​​how big the 12.9-inch model is.

He says he will eventually be preparing to replace the 12.9-inch model with a 11-inch model, as the 12.9-inch model is still too heavy to use only hands.

I had the first gen 12.9 which was too big and got 10.5 when it came out last year. I found that the original 12.9 was too hard to keep on the train, etc., but 10.5 was perfect social. I missed additional screen space, but its size damaged my productivity, and I decided to appreciate it more. I really thought that reducing the size of this gem was the perfect solution for me, and my first impressions were positive, but after a few moments, I found that it was a bit too heavy to use for long periods of time with one hand. Of course, this is not for everyone, and I'm convinced that many people will find it great.

MacRumors reader ryuok pointed out that because of the new 11 inches iPad uses a different aspect ratio, apps that are not updated are black bars on both sides. Ultimately, apps will get updates, but you need to know about them.

12.9 inches iPad Pro with black bands through MacRumors reader jun180

There are two types of black bars:

1) Rounded black bars: This is similar to the iPhone's situation before apps are added to customize extra spacings extended by rounded corners. It affects both the model's 11 "model and the model's 12.9" model.

2) Black-band format ratio: it's only with 11 ", and it's much worse and much more noticeable than" Rounded black bars. "If the app is not coded to dynamically adjust the proportions of proportions, you'll see awful large black bars, because especially in landscape mode. It's almost like seeing iPad Mini-sized 11-inch screen. It affects popular apps like Facebook and Netflix.

Reddit user atru22 said that the new smart keyboard Folio has some experience, but he likes it much more than the previous generation keyboard. He also says that the 12.9-inch model seems surprisingly small.

Picture via reddit user atru22

About the Apple Pencil theme Reddit user essjay2009 said that the Pencil is quite different in hand and that there is more friction when used. Of course, charging and connecting is greatly improved as it simply requires a magnetic connection iPad Pro.

I said that the pencil is very different in hand. It's a bit shorter, but it makes a huge difference. I always think gen 1 felt a little funny (long wise). It feels like a normal pencil. The double-tapping feature is really nice and much more relaxed than I expected. I think you should touch it directly at a particular place, but it seems that it simply takes the double taps almost everywhere sensible.

Spraying and charging is much better. And it comes from a person who has no particular problem with the old payment.

The reddit user also thought that it was much better to drag with Apple pencil 2 and iPad Pronew display.

So, just wanted to let you, guys, know that it is much better to drag with Apple pencil 2 and iPad Pro, than before (many people do not like the pencil on the glass felt to get a matte screen protector – but with the new iPad Pro!)

Reddit user GottaDeal confirms that the new 11-inch iPad Pro The on-screen keyboard has a 12.9-inch keyboard layout, thanks to the extra space, the removed bezel. Unlike the 10.5 inches, it offers upholstered, hat keys and left-hand key switches iPad Pro.

MacRumors reader ninethirty was not a fan of Smart Keyboard Folio, calling it a "design nightmare".

I have 12.9 today. The iPad in itself is absolutely beautiful, but the smart folio keyboard design is awful. It is not hooked as easily as the previous keyboard, it makes everything much thicker and, frankly, the foil material itself feels cheap, which is a shame. But the worst thing is that by folding the folio on the back of the iPad, hold and watch a video or something, the keys are displayed on the back.

MacRumors the reader did not agree with the bigfarrva, although, saying that he likes it very much and is influenced by the main feeling.

I really like it quite a bit. I was a little worried that the keyboard nowadays feels like MacBooks butterfly keyboards, but it's not at all. Hell, if MacBooks had keys that felt like they were, they would not be nearly as bad. Assigned is that there is very little keystroke, but the feedback is tons of times better than the MacBook's keyboards.

Is new in 2018 iPad Pro? Share your first impressions and photos below the comment. Today we will have a Recovery Cassette video clip available and we will have it later, so make sure you've taken it. MacRumors more iPad Pro overlay

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