Saturday , June 10 2023

Fate 2: Rejected, failed to meet sales goals


The exodus said it was the last part of the earnings report: Destins 2: Forsaken PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC failed to meet Activision expectations, as it relates to sales and expansion ability to re-enter the franchise as a whole.

"While it's left, it's high-quality growth, strong engagement and new game modes, but it did not get our commercial expectations," said Activision Publishing boss Coddy Johnson during an incoming call. "And there is still work to be done to re-engage the main Destiny fan base."

During the conversation, Johnson also talked about how Activision plans to "Destiny" to improve the pace of innovation and play the rhythm of the content ", while creating new ways for players to continue to work with Destiny and spend more on microtransactions. Destiny and all other Activision franchises, Johnson said.

Destiny's microtransactions are in Silver form, which players can buy with real money and spend on additional games provided in a series of games. What new type of micro traffic can reach Destiny is still visible. It's no surprise to see Activision follow the micro-transmissions in a big way, considering it to be a very big business.

Those who have got the game Destiny 2 is currently "deeply involved" with the game, but Johnson said that Activision will now focus on attempts to bring back lost players back to new ones. Activision recently played Destiny 2 on a temporary computer, which is definitely part of the company's efforts to expand the gaming audience.

"We have not yet seen the complete kernel that has reoccupied Destiny, which has hitherto caused inadequate performance against expectations," said Johnson. "Some players we think are still in the" wait and see "mode. If you are, you're deeply involved. If you are not, we hope that now is the time to re-engage players and win."

Despite delayed sales, monthly active users of the Destiny franchise grew in the quarter and in the reporting year for the period ending September 30. Releasing Forsaken at the beginning of September helped increase player numbers, Activision said.

Looking forward, the next big thing that comes to Destiny 2 is Black Armory, which is unveiled in December. For more information, you can get acquainted with the Bungie Guide for free and paid content Destiny 2.

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