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Drinking crab apples causes fake rabies in West Virginia

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Rabid animals, of course, are not a laughing matter. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the rabies virus can infect the central nervous system, causing illness and death. But this happens after several dangerous symptoms: partial paralysis, agitation, hallucinations, hydrophobia. In Morocco, a British man and two children died when they were beaten by a naked cat.

Therefore, it was not surprising that when the inhabitants of the city of Milwton, West Virginia saw that the yenots were acting weird, they involved the local police.

Officials put the place where suspected animals were talking, looking for signs of blame for any mask.

But when they captured two of them, they realized that they were dealing with another type of question.

The rumors were not anxious. They were drunk.

The concepts seemed to be a celebration of crab apples that were fermented on wood, causing small animals to walk through "shocks and desorient", the police said.

"It turns out they have drunk on crab apples," the police said in a statement to the public.

The detained animals were kept in custody and allowed to sing what could be considered a raccoon.

They were then released to the wild, but before an enterprising officer took an animal scene, showing that it was outrageous, cooler, more than a little bit of it. They named one drenched raccoon in Dallas and let out at the forest.

With that Dallas joined the long animal lines that have made the title of public intoxication.

For example, police in Gilbert, Munich, received reports of under-affected birds, "flying windows, cars, and operating vaguely," writes Police Chief Ty Techar. The island's early date meant that the berries were fermented before the birds fly south to winter, according to Washington Post's Antonia Noori Farzan, and the birds eat them and get drunk.

But all the birds were not equally affected, the main writer wrote: "It seems that some birds become a little more" typical "than usual," he wrote. "Generally, newborn liver can not cope with toxins as effectively as adult birds."

The inhabitants who thought they probably had a 21st century transformation on Alfred Hitchcock's movie were entertaining but also released:

"This explains why this week, I have had 7 birds with my machine," one commented on the post of manager.

In the spring of Wayne Township, Indiana, a desperate woman enters the fire station and explained to firefighters that her pet's raccoon is "sleepy" and may have been seriously stolen by penetrating someone else's fur, writes The Washington Post.

The higher the number of high animals, the more jurisdictions legalize marijuana, and people make medicines a tasty meal that attract their pets who can not read the warning labels and usually do not include pulse controls to stop one, Brulliards said.

Though most of the calls involve dog tricks about marijuana dishes, Brulliard wrote: "The veterinarians also mentioned examples of chihuahuas that tricked bong water and cats vaping, and even rabbits, ferrets and birds were accidentally stoned by stones."

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