Monday , March 1 2021

Detective Pikachu: Why fans are so excited about the new Pokemon movie Games

No The lovely adaptation of Hollywood's childhood is once quite satisfying expectations. But the trailer for live action Pokemon: The Detective Pikachu movie has gone too far, causing controversy, shock and deep sorrow among longtime pokemon fans, like me. Is the director, Rob Letterman (he from Shark Tale and Monsters vs. Aliens), really needed to reduce these pre-eminent characters in the status of joint household pets?

Big Pikachu – best friend of pokemon main protagonist Ash; Pokemon has played constellations in all franchise episodes, movies and specials; The Pokemon, which brings Ashnus from the tears to the dead in the first movie – it's re-translated as something like a horn. Hamster! The smallest of all rodents with an average life span of less than five years is usually satisfied with fate, elevating them. Truly the worst pet way.

Another Pokémon world creature, Jigglypuff, known for its smooth pink flesh and puddle, is wrong. Fans are in dispute about whether he should be a fur coat – but it looks curved. Like a teddy bear that has been washed through, or a stressed cat. The film makers have succeeded in taking Pokemon, which was literally born of happiness (Jigglypuff evolves from Igglybuff when he is satisfied enough) and turns it into a cross between Pat Mummies and the tired Elvis.

The great thing about Pokemon is that they are bigger than life, the magical and mysterious creatures with which our imagination can run wild. This is the reason why nobody has complained about the big screen version of the creatures of the Pokemon creature Bulbasaur, who still looks pretty outside on the side of the trailer; and why Charizard – that it would be best to compare with a dinosaur or a dragon in the trailer, and not any creature that is now going to Earth – has caused much less outrage than the rest. Perhaps all of our favorite childhood intrinsic reincarnations are frustrating because they are never satisfied with our imagination, but Pokemon usually avoids this fate – it has never tried too hard to be realistic.

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