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Deontay Wilder vs. Tyson Fury: The news conference goes chaos

Watch: Fury and Wilder clash for pre-fight news conference
Dean Wilder v Tyson Fury
Venue: Staples Center, Los Angeles Date: Saturday December 1st (local)
Coverage: Listen to the full commentary, live from Los Angeles, Sunday morning, BBC Radio 5 live and BBC Sport website.

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder's final news conference came up with chaos as they faced the scene three days before their heavy battles in Los Angeles.

The packed room watched the verbal battle and, according to Fury, saw that Wilder turned out to be frantic, the pairs began to slip on the face.

Their teams got involved, prompting a 60-second battle.

Anger took off his shirt, because security interfered before the duet and their companions were released from the scene.

Who had started with both men, disrupting the Staples Center races, changed insults, and both men promised to slaughter.

Speaking about BBC Sport's Mike Costello's speech, Fury added: "I removed my shirt to get involved and all of them were afraid.

"Everyone thinks the rivalry is fake, but they can guess again, because it almost happened again.

"Wallander thought that he had to spit on my face or cried out what he was doing. He felt compelled, you can see the pressure that he was under."

What caused chaos?

When the two men left the scene, one journalist who described the scenes as "crazy" could hear.

After each fighter had opened the floor, Fury seemed to be litigious and chose to stand to answer questions during which he questioned why America's Wilder profile was small in his homeland, despite his being a World WBC heavyweight champion.

"On the evening of Saturday, the whole world will recognize him as the person who screamed Fury," said Brit, 30.

"While he had 30 fights, he was booked. This shoulder blade is not real, it's a fake snide and a scam. I look at her and do not see a bad person, I see the boss."

Vailer – who earlier said that Fury had made his name in a "small country" – grew louder, but remained seated.

But when the couple raised their heads, 33-year-old Wilder screamed in his opponent's face, before the hockey dipped the scene.

Analysis – "Wilder Lost It"

BBC Radio 5 live analyst Steve Bunce

We have already seen it, but I told you now, you have never seen it with such a great edge and bad.

Let's get this straight, Wilder lost it.

Wilder began to cry Fury's face

Mid-range view

Like Bunce, the sensation of the gathered media was that Wilder really made a brilliant loss, and for some time he gave his cool.

Showtime Boxing Jim Gray, the man who asked the scene, managed to escape the chaos when the fighters went to the head.

He told BBC Sport: "It reached the crescent – it went to the edge, began to squirm, but did not climb anything.

"It's going to happen. They go face to face, they scream, warm and take their lives.

"The longer you talk to one another, which is not usually polite, adrenaline floods, nothing good will happen."

What happened before melee?

The state of uncertainty in the huge conference hall was confused with the shock of how things went up.

What is perceived as the biggest heavy bout in the US soil since Lennox Lewis overcame Vitali Klitschko in 2003 saw that both men still largely respect dignity so far.

In such a vast city it would not be right to say that the struggle has gained the public up to now, although the weight of Friday is reinforced by the fact that it is open to the public, the usual head to head is now under the microscope.

The Wednesday news conference came three years before the day when Fury hit Vladimir Klitschko, the gain he partly said in the mind games that he posted during the new conferences.

Brita cited the mental health problems he had overcome since then and said that at the moment, her "mission" is to represent vulnerable people, insisting that he will free Wilder.

"I stand as more than an ambassador in the field of mental health. I am a national champion," said Fury.

"I not only fought for me, I have millions of people who are looking for me.

"I've heard that many people say Wilder, KO or Fury with points. I'm telling you now, Wilder is knocking out."

Wilder – who was still crying when the organizers tried to end the survey before the face, said Fury "took time" in 2015, when he finished Klitschko's 11-year unrivaled reign.

"He never touched anyone with my way of thinking, by my power," 33-year-old told BBC Sport. "I did it for a long time. I know how fear looks, I can identify it. He's scared and he should be.

"This is the moment I've been waiting for my entire career. This is the time, my time. Fury has had his window.

"Now I'm here. I will be dashed if I come and leave another country and disrupt what I have built.

"He says he will turn me off, but I do not think he will have the confidence. He speaks of it, but you do not believe it. When I say that, you can believe that my numbers are not lying." The anger goes out. "

Both men are expected in the morning at 04:30 GMT in the United Kingdom. Wilder will put his title on the line and will try to defend the perfect 40-match record, while Fury has unlimited 27 competitions.

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