Tuesday , December 7 2021

COVID-19: Hospitals preparing for ‘largest vaccination campaign’ in British history | UK News


Hospitals are preparing to launch the first phase of “the biggest vaccination campaign” in British history.

The first Covid-19 the vaccines will go to hospitals by Monday before the first blows are given on Tuesday.

English GP surgeries have said start using COVID-19 vaccination centers until 14 December.

Special vaccine freezers COVID-19 are in a safe place, says England Public Health
Special freezers will hold Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine doses

Professor Steven Pauiss, NHS The National Medical Director said: “Despite the enormous complexity, hospitals are starting the first phase of the largest vaccination campaign in the history of our country from Tuesday.

“The NHS is confident that large-scale vaccination programs – ranging from the flu, HPV vaccines and life-saving MMRs – will once again be challenged by diligent staff to protect the most vulnerable from this terrible disease.”

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Secretary of Health Mets Henkoks He is reportedly referred to as “V-Day” on Tuesday and told The Sunday Telegraph that he “can’t wait” to destroy the three-tier system of coronavirus restrictions and “return to life with mutual respect and personal response, not by law.” determined by Parliament “.

Asked whether the distribution of the vaccine starting this week could mean the restrictions will end sooner, he said: “Yes, it will.”

He added: “There is no doubt that the timely use of the vaccine … will create a moment when we can get rid of these explosion restrictions, but in the meantime we must comply with them.”

The special vaccine freezer COVID-19 is in a safe place, says England Public Health
The vaccine should be stored between -70 ° C and -80 ° C

Meanwhile, images of freezers containing Pfizer / BioNTech have been released coronavirus vaccines in the UK.

Images from Public Health England (PHE) were taken in a safe place in England, the storage temperature for the vaccine was between -70C and -80C.

To date, Pfizer has shipped initial quantities of the vaccine from Belgium, followed by the distribution of PHE and NHS across the UK.

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) said it would begin with a “post-delivery quality assurance process” to ensure that the quality and integrity of the vaccine is maintained in transit.

This process, which could take 12 to 24 hours, is performed by a specialized medical logistics company and is based on shipment temperature data provided by Pfizer.

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How the introduction of the vaccine will work

Over the next few days, each box must be opened and unpacked manually, and temperature data must be downloaded from each box, DHSC said.

There are five packs of 975 doses in one box, and only sites licensed by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Administration can distribute vaccine packs.

Once all the tests have been completed, the vaccine will be available to order in NHS-approved places, with around 50 places in England so far.

The DHSC noted that the delivery of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is difficult because it must be stored at very cold temperatures and handled carefully, so it will first be administered from hospital centers.

It takes a few hours to thaw the vaccine, after which it takes extra time to prepare the vaccine for administration.

These steps mean that it will be difficult to reach those in nursing homes who are supposed to be the first to receive jams.

Hancock said it was working to get these people vaccinated “as soon as possible,” despite these “significant challenges.”

“We put priority on the most vulnerable, and over the age of 80, nursing home staff and NHS colleagues will all be among the first to receive the vaccine.

“We are doing our best to overcome significant problems as soon as possible in order to vaccinate the residents of the care home.”

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The DHSC announced that more than 1,000 local vaccination centers run by GP teams will soon go online, and that number will increase as more vaccines enter the country.

Larger vaccination centers and measures through local pharmacies will be approved when more doses of the vaccine become available, she added.

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