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Can the latest update for Overwatch PTR include information on the next new hero? | Dexerto.com

Recent changes in the Overwatch PTR can be a testament to a new mechanic who will be introduced to the upcoming hero.

The latest PTR patch has changes in health, armor and shield performance. Some heroes have a shield that will automatically resume as part of their base, such as an 'effective health pool', while other protective equipment and armor can be temporarily upgraded to other capabilities.

Continuing, the last, irrecoverable type will always be focused on damage. In the past, armor could sit under recoverable shields, which means that if the enemies did not burn through these recoverable shields, the "temporary" reinforcement for the heroic health pool could last much longer.

Overwatch player u / caldoran2 provided useful graphics to help visualize how this change looks in the game.

u / caldoran2

Of particular interest is the clarification that changes include 'irrecoverable health'. As of now, Overwatch has no such thing as "unrecoverable health".

Therefore, it seems very likely that the next hero will be able to provide "irretrievable health", thus clearly including it in the latest PTR update.

It is possible that unrecoverable health is different from the current health, shield and armor options, without in any way reducing incoming damage, but also immunity to destruction by Sombra EMP. It may not be supplemented by healing in the way it is the basis of health.

Based on the schedule Blizzard has stuck in the last couple of years, Games 30th The hero must arrive at the direct servers at the end of March, at least a few PTR test days, and most likely a few weeks before the launch.

Blizzard Entertainment

"Echo" first appeared in the animation animation "Reunion", which debuted at the 2018 BlizzCon.

Speculation about the next hero, of course, has already begun. When Ashe was revealed as a hero, 29, many immediately believed that the mysterious Echo, which also appeared in the short animation of the animation, was next.

Blizzard was quick to exclude these theories, but pointing out that although Echo will be a hero at some point, she will not be number 30. t It leaves many fans returning to old favorites, such as Junker Queen, Junkertown ruler, or a pretty convincing theory that Blizzards could create Talon Boss Antonio as a future hero.

However, like Ashe, Blizzard has proved happy that new heroes without previous suggestions or instructions are full, so it is very likely that the next hero will be completely new again.

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