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Arlene Foster announces Prime Minister Brexit's deal to "stop wasting time" – says DUP to open Norwegian-style deal

DUP leader Arlene Foster has called Theresa May in order not to lose time for his Brexit deal and not to find a better solution for the Irish border.

He reiterated that ten members of her party would not support the Prime Minister's withdrawal agreement when it comes to Parliament, she said that it would create a "huge deficit of democracy" in Northern Ireland.

She said she would not vote for the second vote because "the vote on the referendum at the state level was left and we respect it."

Speaking in the BBC Radio 4's "Today" program, Mrs Foster said that the current proposals include "68 page rules covering Northern Ireland and not covering the rest of the UK territory."

"There is a huge deficit of democracy that comes to our way if we accept this deal, because we do not have to say about the rules that will apply to Northern Ireland," she added.

Foster said that Theresa May's Brexit deal could make Northern Ireland "different from the UK" because she called her "to look for a better deal" that "takes away control over our money, our borders and our laws."

The DUP chief said: "All the things that made us vote for Brexit are things that will be imposed on Northern Ireland."

She also said that if May's current withdrawal agreement fails to pass through the Commons, her Norwegian-plus-style agreement could be open to her party, in which the United Kingdom remains in the customs union, with further trade relations with the EU.

This could solve the issue of the Irish border and make the spare part superfluous, although there should be a new customs regime in order to completely avoid the need for infrastructure at the frontier. However, according to the Norwegian agreement, the United Kingdom should adopt four freedoms of the single market – free movement of goods, services, capital and persons – unless it can prove that it is bound to comply with the principles that it would face with serious economic, social or social imbalances. environmental degradation and thus refuse.

However, the Norwegian prime minister has said that it would be difficult to allow a new member who essentially tries to leave the country, and negotiations could take 12 months to allow him to become a member.

Mrs Fosteres says that the "one red line" of the DUP is to make sure that Northern Ireland is no different from the rest of the UK in terms of customs and is not "prescriptive" with regard to other potential opportunities for future relations with the EU.

Asked why she supported the difference from the United Kingdom for same-sex marriages rather than Brexit's changes, the DUP chief said that this was because social issues were handed over to Stormon, while customs and trade issues were about Westminster.

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