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All Christmas movies and new releases arrive in Netflix in December

Now that Black Friday and Bonfire Night has not happened, it's time to go completely at Christmas. December starts this weekend, so if you already have your own scenery, you will no longer have to deal with naysayers, commenting on "not yet December", but even better, Netflix will be a great holiday.

There are already some Netflix Originals that are already available in the service, including the popular Christmas Chronicles with the Kurt Russell and the Princess Switch, which plays Vanessa Hudgens.

Here are all the Christmas movies you need to know:

  • Christmas Chronicles (NOW STREAMING) Two brothers and sisters along with Santa Claus (Kurt Russell) along with a great flying holiday adventure. New Christmas classics from Harry Potter and The Only House.
  • Princess Switch (NOW STREAMING) -If a Chicago baker who falls to the ground and soon becomes a princess, they will discover that they look like twins, they catch the Christmas weather plan for trading venues.
  • Festive calendar (NOW STREAMING) – A talented photographer who is stuck in an immediate job, inherits an Antique Advent calendar that can predict the future and direct him to love.
  • The Feast of August 12, 2012 Dumped and depressed, English Rose Iris (Kate Winslet) agrees to change at home with the similarly unlucky love of the California Amanda (Cameron Diaz) for such a break. Iris is located in the Hollywood Manor Mansion, while Amanda moves to the landscape – an ideal English village. Constellations are also played by Jude Law and Jack Black.
  • Sv. Birthday! (NOW STREAMING) – Martin Freeman, who was accused of playing the school's home, was mistaken for his ex-girlfriend's plans to transform the film.
  • Deck Room (NOW STREAMING) – Neighbors Matthew Broderick and Danny DeVito face off this holiday comedy, co-starter Kristen Davis.
  • Arthur CHRISTMAS (NOW STREAMING) – Santa Claus's super-secret toy making machine Claus entrusts his son Arthur with an extremely important Christmas mission.
  • Christmas prince (NOW STREAMING) Christmas comes early when he wants young journalists when she is sent abroad to get a trap for a dashing prince who is ready to be king.
  • Last Holiday (NOW STREAMING) – After learning she has a definitive illness, Georgia, a shy woman decides to sell her entire property and live in a luxurious hotel.
  • Angela christmas (NOW NOW STREAMING) A trip to the church with your family on Christmas Eve will give Angela an unusual idea for young people. A hearty tale based on Frank McCourt's story.
  • Royle Family: Christmas Special 2000 (NOW STREAMING) – Baby David's first birthday comes and Royles' sit for Christmas dinner.
  • BoJack Horse Christmas Special (NOW STREAMING) – It's Christmas, and BoJack does not do anything about it. Then Todd appears with a huge candy cane and the old Horsin "around the Christmas episode.
  • Peep Show: NOW STREAMING – Mark's move his family to the apartment for Christmas dinner, as well as Dobby, with which he eventually exits, except if he has not yet told his parents.
  • F.R.I.E.N.D.S: One With Inappropriate Nursing (NOW STREAMING) – Fable collects money for the Salvation Army on holidays.

There is no Christmas movie, here are all other releases worth paying attention to.

Mowgli: Jungle Legend
  • Mowgli: Jungle Legend (January 7, 2012) – Recognizing actor and director Andy Serkis re-discovered the masterpiece of Rudyard Kipling, in which the boy, who will become a legend, does not want to find anything as a home. Mowgli, who is raging between the worlds of the two worlds – the jungle and humanity – must steer the danger inherent in every journey to discover who he really is. Christian Bale, Kate Blanchett, Benedict Cumberbatch, Freida Pinto, Matthew Rhys and Naomie Harris led the entire star player.

  • The innocent person (December 14, 2012) – In the eighties, the small Ada City, Oklahoma, was the site of two terrible crimes with conclusions that are contradictory to this day.

Big Lewbowski
  • Big Lebowski (12/07/2018) – Jeff's "The Dude" Lebowski misses Jeffrey Lebowski, who is The Big Lebowski. Which explains why he has gathered and his gemstone mat. Finding a reward, The Dude tracks his name, which offers him a job. His wife is kidnapped, and he needs a safe bagman.

  • Pianist (December 31, 2012) – Composer and pianist Vladislav ҆epliman played the last live music before the Nazi artillery hit over the Polish radio waves. In Poland, Schlumpmann struggled to stay alive – even if he took it away from those he loved. He spent the duration of the war hidden in the ruins of Warsaw and wasted food and shelter.

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