Monday , February 6 2023

A hunter who has bad goats on the Scottish island is still persistent


An American hunter who was outraged after shooting with goats and sheep that she killed on the Scottish island said she would never ask her for action and call for an end to her death threat.

33-year-old television spokeswoman Larissa Switlyk received general criticism after she and their companion were smiling with the animal they shot on the Isle of Man.

She was proud to describe she had spent two days goat hunting on the island before killing one 200-jerry shot using a long-distance gun.

The pictures sparked anger with politicians, celebrities, islanders and indignant members of the public, calling for an end to the practice.

After a furore, Switlyk said she was "redirected to a bush plane for my next hunting adventure" and would not be useful in two weeks.

Now she has once again taken social media into account in order to defend her actions and thank his fellow hunters who supported it.

She said: "Nature is my super market – fresh organic wildlife without steroids, hormones or antibiotics.

"This is where my meat comes from, do you know where your meat comes from? I never have to apologize for being a hunter!" Hunters' merger – THANK YOU that my fellow hunters are not afraid to vote.

"The surprising thing about social media is if you do not like my photos that you do not need to follow me, or you can even block me.

"Everyone has the right to their opinion, but the threat to my life and the violent fantasies directed against me have to be stopped. It is saddening to see how much hates in this world simply because people have different opinions about things."

The director of television also created the maturity she had killed in a nanny in Hailend and said she was looking for chefs who were preparing for their palace where she stayed.

A petition has been filed online, urging the government to ban trophy hunting in Scotland.

The Scottish government has announced that it will review the law on slaughter of animals after responding to the images.

Switlyk is a former accountant who left her job in New York to continue her passion for hunting and fishing, and now she has Larysa Unleashed in the United States.

This exhibition follows her around the world and she also organizes hunting trips.


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