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Zinchenko against Lyon: mistakes in defense, poor grades in the British media and criticism of Guadalupe due to the confidence of Ukrainians

Alexander Zinchenko was not so good in the Champions League against Lyon. Manchester Syria played forwards, but the Ukrainians were not surprised at his match. Statistics, British journalists' ratings and fan critics – in our material.

Zinchenko has been in the Champions League match for the second time in a row for Manchester City. The position is already known – on the left with compensations for the support zone when his team has a bomb. Thanks to that, the city played 3-2-5 on Guardiola's favorite racing circuit.

Alexander could win the game with "Shakhtar", after she came out, Lyon came out openly to him badly. He damaged the life of Maxwell Cornet in Ukraine – Zinchenko's brain was used to the maximum in the direction of the wheat westward. From the responsibility of the player of the Ukrainian national team, the opponent's actions constantly threatened.

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The root without resistance, Alexander created the perfect moment for Depay, then took up scissors across the cross when the city left the back of the penalty area. Well, in the second half, the striker of Lyons still drew from Zinchenko's spot, which did not "cover" luxurious shots near the top nine.

Zinchenko's defense data is not so bad: 4 interceptions, 4 dangers from the danger zone and 1 blocked strike. As a result, statistical portals rated it as normal. Who knows Put 6.7 and SofaScore – 6.8. This result is slightly worse than the average.

However, in this case, the statistics do not reflect the real situation. Alexander failed to defensive work, winning only one unit. Ex-player city Richard Dunn Half-Life Games BT Sport He said that Guardiola's choice in favor of Zinchenko did not justify himself. "The city is on the move now, let them play the same way as before – Get out of the Zinchenko team a bit messed up"- says Dunn.

Alexander also did not show up on the attack, although the involvement in the game (111 touches – mostly in the team) was decent. If the transmission accuracy number and proportion remained at normal levels, then the diagonals of the company were very small. The Manchester City team's UEFA Corporal Simon Khairt stressed that Zinchenko's sharp teams were only occasionally successful – they were expecting more from him.

English media ratings and fan recipe

Day mail to put Zinchenko the worst result in playing two teams – 5. The text also noted that Garland's decision to announce Alexander was seriously criticized because Maxwell Cornet left too much freedom for Ukraine.

Everyday mirror also gave Zinchenko rating 5 – the worst among the "citizens". Only Raheem Sterling received so much, and the rest – more. "It was a rare and wonderful opportunity to prove himself, but he made too little impact on his team's game," writes a popular newspaper.

Sports in the sky did not exclude Zinchenko with a negative result – 6 pointslike most of the city's players. There were also no critics from the authoritative edition.

Manchester evening news The worst rating was reserved by Leroy Sana (4) and Riyad Marez (5). Zinchenko got a normal 6 point – again the average result. "I felt comfortable in the second half, when the city was predominantly playing in the middle of Lyon's field, but failed to fulfill defense duties," the journalist said. MEN.

City clock rated Zinchenko with a normal average score of 6. Worse again were Riyad Marez and Leroy Sana. "The Ukrainians were the most affected by the team, but he had a very small influence on the meeting, and he mainly deals with a small family relationship," writes the profile of the resource.

Zinchenko plays time because there is another injury from the main left side of Benjamin Mendi. Authoritative sources even stated that Josep Guardilla would not sell him in winter. However, the Ukrainians did not use their opportunity against Lyon.

Fans have criticized the network hard. Most often they write that he played badly that he could not be used on the left side of the defense in such crucial competitions that he was considerably worse than injured Mendi. Here are some of the most constructive and harmless examples.

"Zinchenko viglyadav pogatu in tsiomu matchi. After the head of the city vpdvovodnyy lviy fulbek, Lyaport grav and the central potter, and liovo."

"Hviluyusya liche for lviy side, Delfi and Zinchenko normal and internal champion, but not Eurokubk on the third position."

"Zinchenko, I'm the one who thinks I've never, so much that I'm nervuvati."

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