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Zelensky told the IMF the first steps as president

Presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensk met with IMF Permanent Representative to Ukraine Yostoy Lyungman. This is stated in the Facebook "Zelensky Team".

It should be noted that the meeting took place on 23 February and was about Ukraine's cooperation with the IMF. Zelensky pointed out the need to continue working with the Fund to improve the country's economic situation.

The President-designate was told that Zelensky also talked about his electoral program and the first steps in his conversation with the IMF's representative when he was elected President of Ukraine.

"Among other things, it is the establishment of the rule of law, security sector reform and authorities, the eradication of corruption, the launch of land reform, the stability of the banking system and the independence of the NBU," the report said.

We will note that Zelenska plays the role of Ukrainian President Vasily Goloborodko in the TV series "People's Servant". One of the strongest and most unforgettable episodes of this series is how Goloborodko publicly sends an IMF representative in response to the fund's demands for a nuclear waste storage facility in the Chernobyl area.

So many thought that the same position was with President Zelenski. But, as we see from his message, it's far from the thing. Zelensky plans to continue cooperation with the IMF. And that means that the socio-economic policy of the Ukrainian authorities will not have a cardinal change if the "candidate Ze" wins.

Earlier it was reported that the US State Department Special Representative in Ukraine Kurt Volker and US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch met with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensk, as well as Zelensky's team, People's Deputy Sergey Leschenko, former NACP Ruslan Ryaboshapka and former Finance Minister Alexander Danilik.

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