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Why cryptocultures fell – 5 reasons from NYT / News /

The New York Times published 5 events and trends that could have affected the rapid deterioration of key crypto.

Lack of regulation of infrastructures and exchangers

Most cryptographic transactions take place outside the company United States if there is no regulatory supervision. It gives investors more freedom, but creates a risk.

Regulatory pressure

If the authorities find themselves in the cryptanalysis market, the situation does not develop in the best way.

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) began imposing fines on companies that violated the rules on securities processing on time Iko – the release of the primary badges. In November SEC punished two of these companies for $ 250,000 and forced them to recognize their badges as securities with all subsequent obligations.

Cryptocards are managed by developers – this is not always right

In Nyt Pay attention to a series of hard forks – the main cryptocumulative blockade breakdown. So, first from Bitcoin, due to disagreements in society, Bitcoin Cash has been removed last year.

The common hard-to-do forks questioned one of the main characteristics of the cryptulan, their limitations.

Crypto cultures had to solve real problems. It did not happen

Bitcoin was considered to facilitate cross-border instant transfers. Ethereum needed to connect millions of computers from around the world. So hundreds of other tokens were created with good intentions. However, technical limitations have prevented the use of cryptographic routines everyday – and restrictions are being removed too slowly.

Governments can make cryptography currencies – and better overcome their regulation

Executive director Mfv In November, Christine Lagarde read a speech on why national central banks should try to issue their electronic money. They are able to ease the existing payment systems.

At the same time, public administration will reduce mistrust of such money. These announcements could greatly ease the interest in existing, non-governmental tokens.

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