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An unexpectedly dead wealthy woman who probably waited for the children of the famous artist Philip Kirkorov, writes the politician.

Last year we talked about 53-year-old Moscow Svetlana Safiyev, who unexpectedly appeared in the information room.

She thought she was expecting triplets from the pop stage King Philip Kirkorov and tried to recover from the trial court birth.

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The famous TV director Andrei Malakhov visited Svetlana Safiev in his elite apartment on the Tverskoy Boulevard. Realtors have $ 10 million in real estate, but Malahov saw that Svetlana has already been able to buy in children's clothing stores, baby carriages, and walking models for adult children.

Then Svetlana Safiyeva went to the ultrasound where the experts confirmed that the woman had no pregnancy and the big stomach was just a "fat apron".

However, Svetlana Safieva did not believe in Malahov's words and it became clear that the pop fan of the pop stage was seriously ill. Shortly before, she lost her spouse and raised only two children. She was most likely to experience mental problems during her husband's death.


It was tried by realtors who immediately attacked Svetlana and forced him to sell apartments in Tverskoi.

It is also reported that at the end of December she attended the Philip Kirkorov concert in Olimpiyskiy, after which she was sent to the clinic for compulsory treatment.

And now there was information that the woman had a stroke in the clinic and she died on January 30th.

“Svetlana died on Wednesday. But I wouldn't want to comment on her death circumstances, ”her niece told the journalists.

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