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Vodafone massively changes its tariff plans / Ukrainian business resources UBR.ua


As part of the last transition with the brand Vodafone Ukraine, the company closes its old archival tariff plans. In particular, we are talking about connection fee tariffs for contract forms. Subscribers of these tariffs will be able to choose one of their current Vodafone tariffs. Subscribers will be forwarded to new packages by November 30th. Each subscriber will receive a message with information on the tariff closing and the timetable for switching to the new tariffs.

"We are talking about private-contract rates. The number of tariffs is high – over 60, each with few subscribers. Among them are even UMC tariffs. All of them have long lost their significance in any case.", – said Victoria Pavlovskaya, female operator of Vodafone Ukraine, UBR.ua.

As an added company, any tariff operator is offered unlimited calls to Vodafone subscribers and a high speed mobile Internet package – from 7 GB to no limit. In addition, Vodafone tariffs include minutes packets for calls to other networks – from 100 minutes to no limit, as well as calls abroad and unlimited social networking.

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If the subscriber can not choose the tariff independently, the operator offers to each client the most appropriate tariff option based on information on the monthly communication costs, the range and volume of services used by the customer.

"Comparison of old and new tariffs. Important point: We do not transfer all A tariff subscribers to the B tariff. Each customer was analyzed for the consumption of services and the average monthly invoice. According to the amount and amount of this mobile expense, each customer is offered an appropriate tariff. If a person applies for an old rate of UAH 100 per communication, he will be offered a tariff of 100 UAH, as well as taking into account the services he uses. A nice replenishment will be a call packet to other networks and even to foreign countries that were not in the old MTS tariffs."- added Pavlovskaya to a conversation with UBR.ua.

  • The National Communications Committee (NKRSI) has launched a deployment in Ukraine long awaited MNP service – subscribers' ability to change the operator without changing the mobile phone number. By decision No.413 the regulator approved the deadlines for the introduction of this service in mobile networks.
  • The date when the commercial launch of the service for the transfer of a subscriber number in the event of a successful inspection was appointed on May 1, 2019.

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