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Vera Brezhnev made herself a man and showed photos


The singer created a funny photo collage

Vera Brezhnev. Photo: instagram / ververa

Vera Brezhnev. Photo: instagram / ververa

The famous singer, Vera Brezhnev, is actively leading social networks. Every day, Instagram has new news.

In his Instagram story, the artist posted a funny photo that "turned" for a man using a special application. It seems that Vera was satisfied with the result. "It turned out to be so cute boy," the singer signed the picture and invited the subscribers to vote, whether they agree or not.


Vera Brezhnev

Photo: Screenshot

Recall that Vera Brezhnev showed his great lucky family archive. On the Instagram page, the celebrity posted an image of her present, with the exception of her mother, sisters with husbands and children, and Brezhnev's father. The singer said she was grateful to her dad who could celebrate her 64th birthday on November 3, 2018. But we remember Vera's father did not meet the 60th anniversary.

In addition, Vera recently marveled at a photo fan with her daughter Sonia. The singer fans did not immediately know where the mother had the picture, and where the daughter was.


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