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UOC MP can return to Pochaev's stage: the condition is called – Ukrainian news – video

Moscow Patriarchate Ukrainian Orthodox Church may recover the right to use Sv. Dorhany Pochaev Monastery, chosen by the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice.

It was said in the air Obztv Lyudmila Filipoviča, Head of the Department of Religious and Practical Religious Studies, Department of Philosophy, Institute of Philosophy at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. In her view, the priest of the convent should not complain about the pressure of the authorities, but merely simply re-register the documents on the right to use.

"Row lines like letters of the lion belong to the state and the Cabinet manages memoranda. He represents the interests of the people and on behalf of the people for whom he has every right to cooperate with these laurels," she noted.

"We know that the documents of the Pahaev Lavra were incorrectly drawn up. Contrary to the laws and procedures in force, the right to use the monastery of the Pochaev Monastery from all these structures was registered until 2052," Filipovich recalled.

According to the expert, "the abbot of this monastery should not be said to squeeze it from all sides, but it is still appropriate to prepare documents and come to the appropriate authorities." She does not rule out that the UOC-MP could conclude a new contract.

"Local governments decide on the fate of Pohaev's lavra. We have to come to the Ministry of Culture, the Department of Religious Affairs, ask what documents are needed, and do everything in accordance with the law … For example, if Kiev-Pechersk Lavra is all right, they will not be expelled from this territory "- said the religious scholar.

As Filipovič noted, the Počaevas lavra in the Ternopil region "had a glance", which became involved in the Ukrainian spiritual care. "They have absolutely anti-Ukrainian ideas, but none of them have ever attracted it in 27 years," she said.

Asked if the UOC MP can restore his rights to Lavra, the expert replied: "I think, of course, it is necessary to develop the documents properly."

As stated by OBOZREVATEL, the Ministry of Justice abolished the right of the UOC-MP to use the sacred Ummaerts Pocaevs Lavra (Ternopil Oblast) complex of buildings.

In response, the representative of the Russian Orthodox Church, Orchestra Nikolai Balašov, said that the decision of the Ukrainian Ministry of Justice appears to begin with "a great deal of pressure on the UOC-MP".

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